Zoom Feature Coming to YouTube Videos

Google wants to bring a zoom feature to videos for YouTube The feature, which is expected to be offered primarily for premium subscribers,  will be tested until September 1.

The feature that allows zooming to the desired region of the videos will be tested for mobile devices . The zoom feature is expected to cover both portrait and landscape view.

Zoom Feature Coming to YouTube Videos

8x Zoom is Now Possible on YouTube Videos!

You need to have a YouTube Premium defined account to try the feature that is currently available . Users will be able to try the new feature for a month. To try the new feature, you need to activate the “try new features” section from your YouTube Premium account using the phone or website . After you approve the new features, you can enter any video and perform the zoom gesture that is traditionally used on touch screens.

The feature, which is offered for devices with both Android and iOS operating systems, provides 8x zoom on mobile devices . For now, there is no information about whether the feature, which is only available to Premium members, will come to all YouTube users. The testing phase of the experimental feature will last until September 1 .