Yemeksepeti Started Delivery with Jet Ski (Video)

Yemeksepeti , which has been one of Turkey’s most popular services for food and grocery shopping for many years, is now again with a new delivery method. Announcing its new delivery service for boats , Yemeksepeti provides this service with Jet Ski.

Yemeksepeti, which has come to the fore with its growth in the food and market sector in Turkey in recent years, has added a new one to its innovative deliveries with Jet Ski . Yemeksepeti, whose agreements are with restaurants, started to make deliveries with Yemeksepeti Jet Skis for boats in Marmaris bays.

Deliveries Started with Jet Ski

Explaining that it can now deliver orders from restaurants close to Marmaris bays to boats, the service stated that it will continue to offer this delivery option throughout the summer. Among the regions where the delivery method is currently valid, there are Marmaris, Adaköy, Keçi Island, Bedir Island and Karga Island bays .

Jet Skis, which will follow the locations of the boats via GPS, will allow users to be one click away from their orders even in the heat of summer .