Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro Introduced: Here’s the Price and Features

The smartwatch market has revived after Samsung introduced its new Watch 5 series smartwatches in the past days. Chinese technology company Xiaomi , which wants to take a place in the sector mostly dominated by Apple and Samsung , introduced its new S1 Pro smart watches.

The Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro , which will take its place in the Android market as a competitor to the Samsung Watch 5 series, will be sold primarily in China. It is expected to be released all over the world later on.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro Introduced: Here's the Price and Features

Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro Price and Features

The 46 mm diameter round screen of Xiaomi’s new generation smartwatches has a larger design compared to other products on the market. The 1.47-inch screen comes with 480×480 resolution and AMOLED technology. The 600-bit maximum brightness level of the screen makes it easy to use the watch on sunny days. The case of the watch has a stainless steel body design.

The 500 mAh  battery is one of the most prominent features of the watch. According to Xiaomi’s claim, the device can be used for 15 days on a single charge . Having Bluetooth 5.0 , Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro also has GPS and NFC technologies.

The device will first go on sale in China. According to the information from the company, the price of Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro was determined as 222 dollars .