Xiaomi Introduces CyberOne, Humanoid Robot

Xiaomi , which introduced the four-legged robot Cyberdog last year , this time introduced the newest member of the Cyber ​​series, CyberOne . The new CyberOne, which is equipped with advanced arms and legs and can stand on two legs in a balanced way, has already managed to get a lot of attention on the agenda.

CyberOne stands out with its functionality that allows it to create a three-dimensional virtual configuration of the real world, in addition to sensing human emotions, advanced vision capabilities and other advanced features.

Xiaomi Introduces CyberOne, Humanoid Robot

CyberOne Can Detect Human Emotions

The robot CyberOne, which is 177 cm tall and weighs 52 kilograms and can do many things about a human, supports up to 21 degrees of freedom of movement and achieves a real-time response speed of 0.5 milliseconds for each degree of freedom . In this way, the robot can fully simulate human movements .

Humanoid robots process the environment using their vision to better understand their environment. Equipped with the Mi-Sense depth vision module and artificial intelligence interaction algorithm developed by Xiaomi, CyberOne can recognize people, gestures and expressions as well as perceive its surroundings in three dimensions. CyberOne can detect anyone’s happiness and even comfort someone who is upset.