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What should we expect from Hogwarts Legacy?

What should we expect from Hogwarts Legacy?
What should we expect from Hogwarts Legacy?

In our Hogwarts Legacy preview content , which is about the Harry Potter universe and developed by Avalanche Software, we list all the details of the game for you and compile everything you need to know before the game is released. In this way, we hope that you, dear players, will understand much better what to expect and what not to expect from the new RPG game. Let’s see what the eagerly awaited new Harry Potter game promises us together!

Let’s look at the basics of the game

First of all, there are some things we need to know to set our expectations from the game. First and foremost, there will be no Harry Potter in the game. Hogwarts Legacy is an RPG game where you create your own character and develop their abilities and features. The game is designed to create your own character and shape its story instead of playing the story of a character. Speaking of stories, let’s also say that JK Rowling, the author of the books, was in no way involved in the development of the game.


What should we expect from Hogwarts Legacy?

Although JK Rowling is not in the production phase of the game, we can say that she has an indirect connection with the game as she is the author of the books. However, the story told in the game is not “JK Rowling’s story”, as the developer put it. Even on some situations that caused the author to be criticized as transphobic due to his posts on Twitter, the developer team is in the game.will also allow transgender characters to create. In other words, you will be able to create your wizard character as a trans person in Hogwarts Legacy. You will be able to use female voices in your character, which you create by choosing a male body. Discussions on this issue also dragged on, resulting in the producer’s resignation in early 2021.

Before turning to the details of the game, let’s give the following critical information; The production will not include micropayments. So the game will not impose any in-game purchases on you. However, since it will be a single-player experience, there will be no online co-op feature. In other words, if your expectation from the new RPG game is to play with your friends, we recommend you to reconsider your expectations in the light of this information.

Hogwarts Legacy release date

Although a definite date has not been announced yet, the Hogwarts Legacy release date is set as December 2022 . However, some leaksHints pointing to its release on December 6contains. In December, possibly just at the beginning of the month, the game will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC platforms.

Also, since the production is an RPG game, let’s make this information, Hogwarts Legacy will not include Turkish language support. In other words, you will have to play the game in English, even if you know other languages. 

How will the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay mechanics be?

Hogwarts Legacy will be an open world RPG game where you create your own character. Although there are not many details about the character creation screen yet, we can say that it will be detailed enough with the clues we have. Of course, it is worth not to expect incredibly detailed character creation screens like in Baldur’s Gate or Divinity games.

What should we expect from Hogwarts Legacy?

After placing your character in one of the four Hogwarts buildings, the real adventure begins. You will learn sorcery and its basics by settling in the dormitory and taking classes. The fact that they have eaten the tutorial part of the game in this way will prevent the Harry Potter atmosphere you feel while playing.

combat mechanics

When we look at the combat system, we see that a system has been established to eliminate multiple enemies one by one. Of course, there will also be abilities that do area damage. We neutralize enemies by taking away their physical abilities, freezing them, stunning them, applying combos to them. However, various environmental interactions are also embedded in the combat system. As you can see in the gameplay video below, players will be able to throw a nearby barrel at the enemy, detonating it and causing damage. Of course, based on this, we can expect the world of the game to offer us much more diverse environmental interactions.


Hogwarts Legacy, which offers the player challenges in various parts of the world, will give experience points as a reward after completed challenges. As you level up, you will be able to develop your character in the skills you choose and master the area that best suits your play style. At the same time, you will be able to enter secret places and dungeons by solving puzzles in the game by using these spells. The developer showed some examples of this in the video he published in March. 

You will also be able to pave your way in the open world by using these skills. We saw in the gameplay video that some mechanics, such as magically rebuilding destroyed bridges, were introduced into the game. It remains unclear whether this is all over the game or only in certain places.

Equipment discovery and development

In addition to this skill and development system, equipment modification and development options that we are familiar with from RPG games will also be available. By finding or buying equipment that will affect your offensive and defensive capacity, you will be able to strengthen its features by wearing it and improving it. Although no details are given on the subject, our hope is that we will see different equipment for different playing styles. It should also be noted that some mechanics such as making potions and growing magic herbs are also included in the game.

What should we expect from Hogwarts Legacy?

Of course, after making all these war preparations, it will be necessary to mention the enemies of the game. You may encounter mages using magic wands like you, and you will also be able to fight other creatures with varying defense and attack abilities. While fighting, you will have to identify the weak points of the enemies and head towards them and approach them in a different way. They will also fight you in different ways. Some will tend to damage you, while others will take away your mobility. If you’ve played The Witcher 3 game, where this situation is handled very well, you know how such features affect RPG games. Preparing for each enemy separately and fighting with different tactics will prevent the game from falling into repetition in terms of mechanics in the long run.

You will be able to progress in the story with your comrades

The companion system we see from some Bethesda games will also appear in the Hogwarts Legacy game. The friends you make from school will be by your side to help you progress through your story. In the meantime, you will have the chance to learn their story. All of them will have their own characteristics, which will prevent you from leaving your own playstyle behind when choosing your comrades and friends. This part will also eliminate the feeling of emptiness created by the lack of online co-op in the game.

What should we expect from Hogwarts Legacy?

The game also has the ability to create your own area, which has the potential to be one of the most liked features of the game. You will have an area that will provide you with the objects you need, where you can grow magical plants and improve your items. Of course, the world of the game will not be limited to the borders of Hogwarts. Beyond the walls are mysteries waiting to be discovered and enemies to face. For example, the village “Hogsmeade”, where you can provide the resources you need, is one of them. Such places will introduce you to the merchants and you will be able to learn their stories as well.

Season cycle and dynamic weather conditions will also be available.

In order to give the feeling of a living world, dynamic weather changes and seasonal cycles will also appear in the world of the game. The world of Hogwarts Legacy will also react to these weather conditions, when it snows, it will be possible to see puddles in the rain, while the ground is covered with snow. Of course, since the only way to experience this in the best way is to play the game, it can stay in the air no matter how much we express it here. Should be seen…

What should we expect from Hogwarts Legacy?

That’s all we know about Hogwarts Legacy, with its general outlines and all the details announced. The game is expected to be released in December 2022. The game, which will be released on both old and new generation consoles of PlayStation and Xbox, will be released with a PC version for Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows. Expectations are high on the part of the players, we hope that all these expectations can be met at the exit. You can also express your views in the comments.


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