What is the Hunger Line and Poverty Line? How Much in Turkey?

What is the Hunger Line and Poverty Line? How Much in Turkey?
What is the Hunger Line and Poverty Line? How Much in Turkey?

What is the hunger line and the poverty line, which we have been hearing frequently lately ? According to what and how are both terms calculated? Here is everything that is curious about the hunger limit and poverty line with the remarkable data in our country!

What is the Hunger Limit?

While determining the poverty and hunger limit, the calculations are made by determining the needs necessary for a family of four to lead a standard life. When calculating the hunger limit, minimum calories and minimum cost are calculated. 


How is the Hunger Limit Calculated?

When calculating the hunger limit, the basic food needs of a family of four, one with two children between the ages of 0 and 6 and the other between the ages of 6 and 15, are taken into account.

When calculating the hunger limit, the following foods are taken into account;

  • Milk, cheese, yogurt
  • Chicken, meat, fish
  • Fruits, vegetables and legumes
  • Calculation is made by taking into account flour, bread, pasta and rice.

What is the Hunger Line and Poverty Line? How Much in Turkey?

In the second stage, the monthly values ​​of the food groups are calculated. According to this situation, some decreases and increases are calculated. As a result, annual averages are calculated. The poverty line is calculated by calculating all the compulsory needs of a family of four as a minimum in TL. There is no clear information to determine the poverty line compared to the hunger line. However, obligatory needs such as being at the border of hunger are taken into account.

What is the Hunger Limit in Turkey?

According to the research, the hunger limit for a family of 4 people in July 2022 is 6,840 TL. This amount was 6 thousand 17 TL in May 2022. In July, the hunger limit rose 1,340 TL above the current minimum wage.

The Minimum Wage Determination Commission held two meetings on two consecutive days in July. With the decision taken at the meeting, the minimum wage was submitted to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s approval. In July 2022, the minimum wage was increased. Thus, the minimum wage was 5 thousand 500 TL.


What is the Poverty Line?

The poverty line is the minimum amount of income required to live in an adequate standard of living. In practice or perception, as in the concept of poverty, there are differences between developed countries and developing countries that can be considered as a gap, and the limit figures on the basis of countries vary.

What is the Hunger Line and Poverty Line? How Much in Turkey?

How is the Poverty Line Calculated?

Calculation or determination of the poverty line is generally found by adding up the value of all the resources that a normal adult can consume in a year that will enable him to continue his life at an acceptable level. The fact that there is an increase in the inflation rate over time also affects the poverty line to a large extent.

The most important among these resources is the rent or expense of the place to be used for living. For this reason, economists, who are directly related to the poverty line, closely follow the ups and downs in real estate prices.

What is the Hunger Line and Poverty Line? How Much in Turkey?

What is the Poverty Line in Turkey?

With a research carried out, in July 2022, the poverty line was revealed. According to the results of the research, the poverty line of a family of 4 rose to 22 thousand 279 TL. The cost of living for a single employee was calculated as 8 thousand 930 per month.

The poverty line was 20,818 TL in June 2022. This amount was 13 thousand 348 TL in December of 2021. In July 2021, the poverty line was calculated as 9 thousand 752 TL.


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