What Is The Horror Session True Story?

What Is The Horror Session True Story?
What Is The Horror Session True Story?

Anyone who does a little research on The Horror Session’s true story will agree that what actually happened was far scarier than the movie itself. Originally titled The Conjuring, the film was acclaimed and praised by both critics and audiences when it was first released on the big screen in 2013.

A large part of the audience attributed the film’s impressiveness to the scriptwriters and director James Wan’s outstanding success. The influence of the scriptwriters and the director on the frightening of the film is indisputable, but this is not the only factor that managed to frighten the audience.


The story of The Conjuring is based on a frightening experience by Ed and Lorraine Warren. Lorraine claims that all of this really happened, even though the movie may seem overly fictional. Although Ed died in 2006, Lorraine was consulted during the filming of the film. Lorraine suggested that she didn’t allow the director to change the story any more than necessary.

If you’re ready to read the chilling true story of The Conjuring, let’s get started.

The Real Story of Horror Session with All the Details

Ed Warren, II. He was a World War II veteran and former police officer. His wife, Lorraine, claimed that Ed was a seer who could communicate with demons.

Ed and Lorraine founded NESPR (New England Society for Psychic Research) in 1952. Shortly after their research on Amityville, they became famous as two respected names in research on paranormal topics.

The duo’s most famous case was the subject of The Conjuring movie series. In 1971 the Perron family moved to a farmhouse in Rhode Island. Some time after Roger, Carolyn and their 5 children moved into the farmhouse, they began to notice strange things happening in the house.

Carolyn observed that the broom disappeared and moved on its own. There was no one in the kitchen, but she heard friction. The kitchen had just been cleaned, but he saw small patches of dirt on the floor.

What Is The Horror Session True Story?

Allegedly, Carolyn investigated what happened in this house in the past. She learned that the house had been in the same family for a long time, and that most of the people in the family often died in a mysterious and frightening way. Several of the children had drowned in a nearby stream. Among these children, there were those who committed suicide, and there were those who were killed.

The worst of the spirits was a spirit referred to as “Bathsheba” in the movie. In the mid-1800s, there was a real person named Bathsheba Sherman in the Perrons’ home. This person was thought to be a satanist. Although there were hints that a neighbor had caused the death of his child, no investigation was launched against him.

The Perron family believes Bathsheba was the spirit that tortured them. Andrea Perron, the eldest daughter of the house, said there were other spirits causing the beds to rise from the ground.


For as long as a decade or so in the family’s stay at home, the Warrens kept the research quite extensive. Lorraine held a session to contact the spirits who were upending the family’s life. Carolyn started speaking different languages ​​during the session and her chair took off.

Andrea claimed to have secretly witnessed the session. He was shocked by what had happened to his mother. She described her chair taking off, speaking in other languages, and being thrown.

Roger drove the Warrens away from his home after the session. He was incredibly worried after seeing what had happened to his wife. According to Andrea, the family stayed in that house for a long time due to financial problems.

Six years after the Perron family began to be haunted by spirits, a family in England experienced a similar incident. The Hodgson family suggested that he started seeing and hearing strange things.

Ed Warren has been accused of exaggerating or even fabricating events. The Warrens, however, did not actually attempt to exorcise. This is exactly where the story breaks off from the movie. Neither the family nor the Warrens claimed to have done anything to stop the spirits.

The spirits that caused paranormal events in the house apparently disappeared.

What Is The Horror Session True Story?

Is Perron’s House Really Used?

No, the house where the Perron family lived in all these paranormal events was not used in the movie. Instead, a house similar to the Perron family’s farmhouse was built with the budget allocated for the movie. The real farmhouse still stands in Harrisville.

Andrea Perron, the eldest daughter of the house, said in an interview with her that everyone living in this house has had similar experiences with their own family. Some allegedly fled, screaming with their lives in mind, and never returned home. The house was also empty for years.

Did the Baby Used in the Movie Really Exist?

Yes, but it has nothing to do with the Perron family. It’s based on another case of Ed and Lorraine. In this case, allegedly, a young girl is receiving a doll as a birthday present from her mother. After a short time, it is noticed that the baby is moving.

Going further, it seems that scribbling on a piece of paper has begun. They begin to think that the doll is responsible for all of this. The knot that needs to be untied is tied when her friend, who is staying with the girl, claims that the baby is trying to strangle her at night.


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