What is the Difference Between Fighter Planes and Bombers?

The desire to fly, one of humanity’s greatest dreams, has been known since its existence. There have been many flying experiences in history. It is said that Hezerfan Ahmet Çelebi flew from Galata Tower to Üsküdar. How true this is is debatable. The 12-second and 40-meter flight with the aircraft made by the Wright brothers at the beginning of the 20th century   is known for certain.

Airplanes, one of today’s indispensable means of transportation, were realized thanks to the Wright brothers. However, it was discovered in a short time that airplanes could be used not only in human transportation but also in wars and would determine the fate of wars . So much so that the first warplane used for military purposes was used in the war of the Ottoman Empire and Italy , that is, in the war of Tripoli . Not only would the Italians be the first to use warplanes for both reconnaissance and bombing, and the planes would now decide the fate of wars. 

Warplanes, which cost the lives of many people, would leave many scars and traces in history, and would determine the fate of many people. So what is the main difference between warplanes and bombers?

What is the Difference Between Fighter Planes and Bombers?

The Most Fundamental Difference Between Fighters and Bombers

Airplanes, which cost the lives of many people and determine the borders of many countries, are indispensable in wars. Although airplanes are a useful invention for humanity, they are used to the detriment of humanity like many technological tools. 

Warplanes are mostly designed to destroy enemy planes in the air and contain a small amount of bombs, but bombers, as the name suggests, contain large and powerful bombs. Bombers are quite powerful in destroying places such as military bases, cities . So much so that many cities in history were destroyed by bombers in World War II . They do a lot of damage themselves and make the place they destroy unusable .

Since countries are well aware of the importance of aircraft, they have state-of-the-art war and bomber aircraft for the army. Some use these planes for defense, while others use them for attack.