What is Startup? How to Establish a Startup Company?

What is Startup? How to Establish a Startup Company?
What is Startup? How to Establish a Startup Company?

The startup business model, which first emerged in the United States in 2010, started to make a name for itself around the world. Many people ask what is a startup? began to explore the question. Startup studies started very late in Turkey. However, in recent years, many studies have started to be carried out on this subject in Turkey. In fact, important startup studies that will make a worldwide impact have been signed. The English origin word “startup ” is “new venture” in expressed as. The start-up business model first emerged in the Silicon Valley of the United States, and then spread throughout the world. In this business model, companies; goes a long way in a short time. Startup; It aims at development, continuity, rapid growth, appealing to large masses and meeting needs. In some places, the word startup is used as “new venture”.

How to Establish a Startup Company?

Startup companies go through great efforts when they are established. In order for the new venture company to be established and successfully progress in its field, it must go through several stages. We can list these stages as follows;

  • Recognizing the deficiencies in the environment,
  • Creating a business plan,
  • Creating a prototype and disseminating it,
  • Searching and finding partners for the implementation of the project,
  • Establishing the right team,
  • logging the job,
  • Finding an investor and launching its first version,
  • Marketing,

At the point of “how to establish a startup company” , the following points are also taken into consideration;

  • The structure of the company,
  • The purpose of the company,
  • Analysis of the company’s competitors,
  • form of management,
  • risks,
  • exit strategy,
  • general operation,

What is Startup? How to Establish a Startup Company?

In Which Fields Are Startup Companies Established?

Usually startup companies; It is named as the initiatives that work in the fields of software and technology. Considering the startup companies in Turkey and the world, it is seen that this situation is supported. But startup companies do not only serve in the technology and software industry. Startup companies can be established in many areas. Recently, it has started to come to the fore in fields such as marketing and architecture.

Global startup projects can be listed as follows;

  • Energy,
  • Health,
  • Automotive,
  • financial technologies,
  • Media,
  • Consumer goods and services,
  • Food,
  • Education,
  • Retail,
  • Real estate,

With the development of technology, new initiatives have emerged in sectors such as travel and food. For example; most people have started to prefer different options other than classical accommodation in their travels. Now, people have started to search for local houses in the cities they go to. During their travels, many people prefer to stay in local houses. The food sector has also been the center of new entrepreneurial activities. The food sector has gained an important dimension by developing systems very different from restaurants. Unlike their competitors, startups serving in many food sectors; makes a difference in many aspects such as content, delivery and packaging.

Successful Startup Projects of the World

There are many startup projects that are successful around the world. We can list these projects as follows:

  • Uber:  Known as the ride-hailing application, Uber was founded in 2009. It has started to come to the fore in the field it serves in a short time with its works.
  • Xiaomi:  The most important feature of the Xiaomi company, which produces smartphones; It sells products with good quality and good features at affordable prices.
  • Dropbox: The  cloud base software program Dropbox offers free storage up to 2GB. Dropbox; used in smart phones other than computers.
  • Spacex:  The Spacex project was implemented by Elon Musk. He works in both space transportation and research in the state of California.
  • Pinterest:  Pinterest is known as a social networking page with a lot of visual concepts. On Pinterest, users can follow topics in their fields of interest. From Pinterest, everyone can find their own images and add them to the boards they create.
  • Snapchat:  Snapchat; It was founded by Evan Spiegel in 2011. Users with Snapchat; can take videos and photos, add notes to them and share them.
  • Airbnb: Airbnb  in 2014; It was named “Company of the Year”. Airbnb is an application established for the realization of home rentals in a short time.  
  • Flipcart: Flipcart  is among the important e-commerce companies in India. It has achieved success in the sector by making models of famous e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Alibaba.

What is Startup? How to Establish a Startup Company?

Successful Startup Projects in Turkey

“Startup projects” continue to stand out in Turkey as well as in the world . Turkey’s leading startup projects are as follows:

  • Iyzico: It  is a successful payment system belonging to Turkey. Iyzico, an important startup project; Atlas Global works with companies such as Samsung, Modanisa, Zara, Onedio and

  • Wardrobes:  All items and clothes that are rarely used, second hand, new but not worn can be sold through the Wardrops application.  

  • Bring:  Person; You can order the products you want on Android, iOS-based phones and have them delivered to your door.

  • Parachute:  With parachute application; financial controls of companies. Paraşüt, on behalf of companies; inventory tracking, E-invoices, income and expense tracking, invoice tracking, reporting, current account tracking, online collection transactions.


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