What is Podcast? How to Listen to Podcasts?

What is Podcast? How to Listen to Podcasts?
What is Podcast? How to Listen to Podcasts?

To put it briefly, we can say that podcasts are audio recordings that cover various topics and can be arranged in different concepts. So the best answer to the question of what is a podcast would be “voice blogging”. If you are wondering what podcast means literally, the answer to your question is hidden in the rise of iPods. The concept of podcast, which became popular when Apple’s pioneering devices iPods first appeared, consists of the words pod and cast, which means live broadcast. Podcast lists usually cover different topics for each episode. Podcast topics including politics, science, sports, comedy, culture, philosophy and much more ensure that every person can find a podcast to their taste.

What is Podcast? How to Listen to Podcasts?


How to Listen to Podcasts?

There are multiple options for listening to podcasts. Music and audio recording platforms are among the most prominent channels for listening to podcasts. You can also listen to podcasts in various audio recording formats by saving them to your phone, computer or iPod-like music players. Most platforms that allow audio uploading also provide podcast services. You can easily determine your interests and the people you want to follow and listen to the podcast you want in dozens of different ways.

Here are the platforms where you can listen to podcasts online:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Stitcher
  • Audible
  • Google Podcasts
  • Tuneln Radip
  • IP Streaming

What is Podcast? How to Listen to Podcasts?

How to Podcast?

Many who dive into the world of podcasts say, “I can do that too!” he’s thinking. It’s really easy to make podcasts. But for those who have been in this business for a long time, it is very difficult to be stable. We have created a special guide for you to answer the question of how to make a podcast.

1-Set Your Podcast Topic

Before you start podcasting, the most important thing is to find a topic that will interest people and that you feel good about. At this point, there are dozens of options you can choose from. In Turkey, especially in recent years, comedy-based podcasts have been followed with great interest. Apart from this, podcasts on science, culture and art, philosophy, sports and technology are also among the popular ones. Since podcasts usually have a duration ranging from 20 to 60 minutes, the topic you have determined should be spread over long sections and should not bore the audience.


2-Complete Your Equipment Installation

Another important thing for recording podcasts is to have quality equipment. Since podcasts are purely audio files, you need to buy high-quality equipment that will not disturb your listeners, that does not have a scratching problem. A mid-range microphone at the beginning will solve your problem. You also need a POP filter to prolong the life of the microphone and for a quality sound. However, if you want to host your podcast in the future, you may need extra microphones, sound insulation and sound mixing. Apart from that, you should make adjustments to the files you have recorded in order to diversify your podcast even more and make it listenable. For adding sound effects, removing silent parts, and general editing, you’ll need a sound editor.

3-Upload Your Podcast to Different Media

After recording your first podcast, it may be good for you to upload your recording to different platforms. Because although most podcast listeners prefer Apple Podcasts and Spotify, there are also listeners using different platforms. More platforms means more recognition.

Here are the most popular podcast download platforms:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Soundcloud
  • Google Podcasts
  • podcaster

What is Podcast? How to Listen to Podcasts?

Turkish Podcast Recommendations – 2022

  • Is It Style? (Comedy)
  • Open Science Podcast (Science)
  • PlumeMag Sustainable Living Trends (Green and Sustainable Living)
  • Socrates Podcasts (General)
  • Everything About Science with the Evolution Tree! (Science)
  • Undertime: A Podcast Theater (Audio Theater)
  • Podcastia Adventures (Desktop Role Playing Game)
  • Kalt’s Podcast (Comedy)
  • Potacast (Sports)
  • Intellect without a scarf (Science-Culture-Art)
  • Radio Theater (Audio Theater)
  • 64 Bits (Personal development-Technology)
  • Words on the Tip of the Tongue (Etymology)
  • I Have No Time For Deniz Göktaş (Comedy)

What is Podcast? How to Listen to Podcasts?

English Podcast Recommendations – 2022

  • Dead Eyes (Audio Story)
  • Sounds Like a Cult (Comedy)
  • Let’s Make a Sci-Fi
  • Crypto Island (Cryptocurrency Exchanges)
  • Darknet Diaries (Technology)
  • The Superhero Complex (History-Culture-Art)
  • Criminal (Crime Stories)
  • Why Won’t You Date Me? With Nicole Byer (Comedy)
  • Hidden Brain (Science)
  • The Indicator (Economy)
  • Sports Wars
  • How Did This Get Made? (Cinema-TV series)
  • Revolutions (History)
  • Wolf and Owl (Comedy)


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