What is FN Key, How to Turn FN Key Off?

If you’ve recently bought a small keyboard in terms of width and height, you may have noticed that there is a “Fn” key on your computer’s keyboard. This is a key that is definitely on the keyboard of laptop users. So, what is the fn key that computer users often see on keyboards that are small in size and size, and what does it do?

Computers that once could hardly fit on a computer desk continue to leave their place to small screens with the development of technology. As an effect of the development of technology, people now prefer smaller and lighter vehicles instead of the large and heavy vehicles that they once had to use.

When it comes to keyboard selection for computer users, as you can imagine, small keyboards are taken into consideration. Of course, the small keyboard selection has some disadvantages. For example, computer users cannot take a screenshot directly by pressing a key.

People using small keyboards need to take a few extra steps to take a screenshot. When you examine the purpose of using the key, which we mentioned in the following parts of our article, you will understand the example we gave in a much better way.

What is the FN Key, What Does It Do?

Most keyboards have a key with the letters “Fn” on it. Users who buy a new keyboard or laptop may wonder what the key in question means. Although the FN key is a key on small keyboards, it is used to perform the second function of keys such as F1, F2, F3.

In order for some important keys, such as the “Print Screen” key, which is used to take screenshots in most of the small keyboards that computer users buy, do not take up much space, keys such as F1, F2 are transferred to the second function.

When users press keys such as F11, F12 without using “Fn”, the first function of the key is performed. When pressed using “Fn”, the second function of the key is performed, not the first function. With this button, you can increase and decrease the screen brightness, increase or decrease the volume, mute and unmute the microphone, and more.

What is FN Key, How to Turn FN Key Off?

Where is the FN Key?

Fn, one of the indispensable keys of small keyboards, is usually located in the middle of CTRL and Win (Windows) key. The second function of keys such as F1 and F2 is located as an icon just above the keyboard key. Depending on the size of the keyboard, the F1, F2 and keys may be insufficient. In such cases, a second function can be added to the keys such as “Home”, “PgUp”.

How to Use the FN Key?

You can find out if the keyboard key has a second function by checking if there is any icon on the keyboard key. For example, there should be no icon on the “Home” button, but a second function such as “PrintScr” can be placed on it.

To perform the second function of the key, you can press the “Home” key while holding down the “Fn” key, which is usually located between the CTRL and Win keys on keyboards. If the second function of the “Home” button on your keyboard is to take a screenshot, the second function of the button will be successfully fulfilled and the screenshot will be taken successfully.

What is FN Key, How to Turn FN Key Off?

How to Turn FN Key Off?

  • Use the “Windows + I” shortcut.
  • Enter the “Update & Security” category.
  • View the “Recovery” tab.
  • Press the “Restart now” button in the “Advanced startup” section.
  • Click the “Troubleshoot” button.
  • Enter the “Advanced Options” section.
  • Press the “UEFI Firmware Settings” category.
  • Click the “Restart” button.
  • The BIOS menu will open.
  • Enter the “System Configuration” tab.
  • Find the “Action Keys Mode” option.
  • Set the option to “disabled” by pressing the “Enter” key.
  • Save the settings.
  • Restart the computer.

If you do not prefer to use the fn key, which provides great convenience to users during use, you may want to disable it. In such a case, it is possible to turn off the button in question very easily. The method of disabling the fn key, which is also described as a function key, can vary from computer to computer and from keyboard to keyboard.

 On Huawei laptop models, you can usually activate or deactivate the function by pressing the fn key once. On some computers and keyboards, it is necessary to press the Esc key while holding down the fn key for this operation. In some, it is enough to press and hold the fn key and press the key called Num Lock.

In addition to the keyboard shortcuts, it is possible to disable the key in the BIOS. First of all, you need to enter the BIOS menu. In order to enter this menu, you must first display the settings window using the “Windows + I” keyboard shortcut.

Enter the “Update and Security” category on the window that opens, and then click the “Recovery” tab. Then press the “Restart now” button in the “Advanced startup” section. After the system has rebooted, click the “Troubleshoot” button and then enter the “Advanced Options” section.

Then press the “UEFI Firmware Settings” category. Click the “Restart” button. When you follow this step, the BIOS menu will open. From the drop-down menu, enter the “System Configuration” tab. Find the “Action Keys Mode” option and press the “Enter” key to set the option to “disabled”. Save the settings and then restart the computer.