What Does Snapchat ST Mean? How is ST Made?

What Does Snapchat ST Mean? How is ST Made?
What Does Snapchat ST Mean? How is ST Made?

The answer to the question “What does Snapchat ST mean” is wondered by many users. Streak , the abbreviation of ST, began to be used with the first Snapchat social media platform. Later, many social media platforms started to use the abbreviation ST. The English word Streak means regular and short-term in Turkish. The abbreviation of the word streak is used more often because it is difficult to spell and pronounce. In this article, we will answer the questions of “What does Snapchat ST mean and how to do it”.

Snapchat ST How To

Streak Snapchat; It refers to the mutual interaction of users for 3 days without interruption. ST is also called Snap Streak. The algorithm of the Snachat platform places a lot of emphasis on regular use. Therefore, the abbreviation Streak, in other words ST, has emerged. If a Snapchat profile enters and uses its platform at regular intervals, ST is doing it. Streak (ST) first appeared thanks to the Snapchat platform. That’s why Snapchat is referred to as ST.


Two users in the Snapchat application; They can Streak by sending videos and photos to each other for 3 days without a break for more than 24 hours. Users interact with each other and perform the streak action. Next to the username of the streaker, the flame emoji begins to appear with the number of days spoken without a break.

Snapchat ST Emojis

  • 100 Emojis
  • Fire Emoji
  • Mountain Emoji
  • Hourglass Emoji

100 Emojis

It is stated that the user has been using the ST feature for 100 days without a break.

Fire Emoji

It is the icon that highlights that the Snapchat profile has ST with a friend.


Mountain Emoji

Streaks on Snapchat with a longtime friend will see the mountain emoji.

Hourglass Emoji

Indicates that the Snapstreak period will expire. Streak action if user does not send video or photo within 4 hours

What Does Snapchat ST Mean? How is ST Made?

How to Increase Snapchat ST?

To increase Snapchat ST emojis, you need to pay attention to some points. We can list these points as follows;

  • A video, photo or text should be exchanged with a Snapchat user for at least 3 days,
  • Chat with the same person every 24 hours for 3 days,
  • Profiles that perform the 2 steps listed above earn badges,
  • The badges of the user who continue to do Snapchat ST will increase. Badges begin to decrease once the snapshot ends with the user from whom the Streak was obtained. The user also loses the badges on their latest profile because Snapchat ST didn’t do it.


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