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What Are The Best Cloud File Storage Services?

What Are The Best Cloud File Storage Services?
What Are The Best Cloud File Storage Services?

What are the best cloud storage services ? Over time, we started to move all our files that we used to store on our computers, floppy disks and CD/DVDs to external hard disks, and then to everywhere with flash memories. Today, however, our files and documents can be with us wherever we go. This is due to cloud file storage services. These services are very useful when used correctly. Many popular companies that offer free storage areas within certain limits may charge a fee after a while .

The reason why online cloud storage services are popular is that every file, document, data etc. We can access everything whenever we want, wherever we want. In addition, cloud storage services can be very useful by working on different devices simultaneously, thanks to the cross-platform support it provides.


Google, Gmail, Apple etc. Choosing the best and most useful cloud storage service is an important issue, as there are more useful services that the users of the brands can choose. It is getting harder to choose the one that suits you best among the ever-increasing number of services. To help you with this, we have gathered the best cloud storage services together.

What Are The Best Cloud File Storage Services?

Are Cloud Storage Services Safe?

When many users want to store their data in the virtual world, the question of whether it is really safe is stuck in their minds. This question can have multiple answers. However, companies that provide cloud storage services provide very strong security services. Because leaking data can cause great destruction for companies . Data can be more secure in cloud storages than on personal devices. Because the security measures taken on personal computers or phones are lower than the companies that provide cloud storage services.

However, whether this data is monitored by companies is a confusing issue. Companies contract when providing storage services or many other online services . It is useful to read these user agreements carefully. According to some rumors, some cloud storage companies have algorithms that control data to prevent activities such as terrorist attacks. However , we cannot say that there is a definitive proof of this . But if there is one thing we can say for sure, it is that no data can be 100% secure in the virtual world. 

Which Cloud Storage Services Should You Use?

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • box
  • iCloud Drive
  • OneDrive
  • MEGA

Google Drive

Google is one of the biggest cloud file storage services. You can access all your Google Drive documents in the free Google Drive storage area , which includes your Gmail account, both on the web and on your mobile devices .

If you are using Google Drive on your computer, you can specify which files should be synchronized by creating a Drive file on your desktop. But you need to pay attention to the size of all the files you want to be mapped. The reason is that they take up space on your computer’s hard drive, just as they are in your cloud storage. Google Drive provides  15GB of storage space. Google Photos is also included in this.

Files You Can Open With Google Drive

With Drive, you can open all common files on your browser without any problems. You can open it in the Android version, as well as stream music and videos. Unfortunately , the iOS version of Google Drive is limited to viewing and cannot play media files.

If you use Google Drive with Google Chrome browser, you can play music and video files, but only in supported formats. Supporting popular file formats, the service opens your photos in the preview window. Your office documents and PDF documents can also be viewed in Drive.


Another service that occupies an important place among cloud storage services is Dropbox . The service offers its users only 2GB of free storage. However, you can increase this 2GB free storage limit by inviting your friends to use Dropbox. Dropbox, which offers the opportunity to earn 500 MB of extra storage space for each friend you invite , of course, has also set a limit on the free storage space earned in this way .

Dropbox , which is ahead of all other cloud file storage services in terms of usage and structure, allows you to be very comfortable when using it thanks to its simple interface . The Dropbox account, which you will manage through the file that comes to your desktop, uploads everything you add to this file to the cloud and synchronizes it. That’s why you need to make sure you have enough free space on your computer when using Dropbox.

Files You Can Open With Dropbox

The files and documents you can open with Dropbox may vary depending on the version of the program you are using. In addition, in order to open any file with Dropbox, these files must be stored online on Dropbox.

The files you can open on the desktop version must be compatible with Dropbox . On the mobile platform, there are also differences between Android and iOS versions. However, in order to benefit from features such as viewing files or saving changes on your mobile devices, the program you use must be integrated with Dropbox, that is, it must be compatible .

Android users looking for cloud storage services have to use apps that are compatible with Dropbox to be able to open and view files with Dropbox .

iOS users can open:

  • Image: JPG, TIFF and GIF
  • Music: MP3, AIFF, M4A and WAV
  • Movie: MOV, MP4 and M4V
  • Office Programs: DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX and Adobe PDF
  • Text: TXT, RTF and more

As you can see above, Dropbox users with  iPhone and iPad are in a slightly more advantageous position than Android mobile device owners However, we can say that the number of Android applications in which Dropbox is integrated is quite high.

What Are The Best Cloud File Storage Services?


Box is also among the cloud file storage service classics like Google Drive and Dropbox. Box, one of the first companies to enter the sector, appeals to many users with its 10 GB free storage space. Since the size limit of the files you will upload is limited to 250 MB , it may not be a suitable service for some users . If you use Box as a monthly paid member, your storage space and file upload size increase , but not as much as other competitors.


Really ideal for users who want to store photos and music, Box can keep almost all of your photos and music in 10GB of free space , if you don’t mind excessively large photo and music storage . However, you may have problems with Box when it comes to video backup. This is because of the 250 MB upload size limit that it has in free usage.

Files You Can Open With Box

You can preview files with the Box application. If you open Box on a web browser, you can open almost all common formats. The only problem here is that the preview has a 500MB size limit. In addition, the videos you open on the Box are automatically converted to 640×480 resolution.

If you are using Android and iOS mobile versions of Box, you have different options. While the Android application has options to view, create, edit and share, the iOS Box application only offers viewing and sharing features. However, compatible third-party applications allow you to edit the files.

iCloud Drive

iCloud , the cloud file storage service of technology giant Apple, which owns products such as iPhone and iPad, is an excellent and ideal service for users living in the company’s own ecosystem. Although compatible with Windows , iCloud is designed for iOS and offers advanced features for iOS users . Like other popular cloud storage services, iCloud has plans for a monthly fee so you can use more storage.

Considering the price tariff offered by cloud storage services, iCloud seems to be the most advantageous, but it is not possible to use iCloud on devices you own other than your iOS and Windows devices. The file upload size limit on iCloud Drive is 15GB , but the free space is limited to 5GB . That’s why we don’t think you can use iCloud for free as long-term storage for your media files such as music, videos and photos .

Although there is a large file upload limit of 15GB, it would be more beneficial to use iCloud for sharing files and data between apps because of the free cloud file storage.

Files You Can Open With iCloud Drive

If you are using iCloud compatible applications, you can open and synchronize your files and documents on different Apple devices. This means; You can open and edit your files and documents on iCloud with more than one application. If you only use Apple products, using iCloud Drive as a cloud file storage service will increase your productivity.

What Are The Best Cloud File Storage Services?


As you know, Microsoft service OneDrive, which works like Google’s Drive, switched to OneDrive by having to change its name to Sky Drive a while ago. One of the best aspects is that you can open Office documents on OneDrive, either online or offline .

It is also not possible to uninstall OneDrive on the Windows operating system. In other words, even if you want to use a different cloud file storage service than OneDrive, OneDrive will still be running in the background of your Windows computer, albeit passively . The service, which stores all your files online, allows you to make offline edits on the files you choose. It also offers 15GB of storage like Google Drive .

Files You Can Open With OneDrive

OneDrive, which enables you to open all OneNote application documents together with Excel, Word and PowerPoint included in the Microsoft Office package, also offers the option to share these documents with the people you want via Outlook.

OneDrive, which supports MP4, MOV and M4V formats, allows you to open videos in the preview window, but does not allow you to play MP3 files. Instead, you can listen to MP3s by downloading them to your device. In addition, you can download unopened videos in the same way as MP3 , and then open them with a suitable media player.

OneDrive may be slower in terms of upload speed compared to other platforms. However, this may vary depending on your internet speed.


MEGA is a successful service that offers encrypted file storage to users who want to use a reliable cloud file storage service . In the system, which operates differently than Megaupload, which started to serve before itself, all uploaded files are encrypted and even MEGA does not know what you are uploading .

The desktop program of the service, just like Google Drive and Box services, adds a file to your desktop and allows you to choose which documents and other files should be synchronized over this file. You can provide automatic backup processes by selecting the files you want to be synchronized from the file on the desktop.

The free 50GB of space may be enough for your standard backups. If you need much more for your job or for different purposes, choosing the most suitable tariff for you by considering both space and bandwidth will prevent you from paying unnecessary money.

You do not have any file upload limit on MEGA . However, your uploads may be restricted depending on the paid or free storage and bandwidth your account has. You cannot upload a 3GB or larger file while your account has 2GB of free space .

Files You Can Open With MEGA

Since the service serves as a storage area, there is no tool that will allow you to view or play files and documents. If you have mapped MEGA to the file on your desktop, you can open what you want to open on your computer using the necessary tools and programs.



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