What are the 5 Required Qualities to Become an Astronaut?

What are the 5 Required Qualities to Become an Astronaut?
What are the 5 Required Qualities to Become an Astronaut?

In the years of the Cold War, it was equally important in the space race. This war between America and the Soviet Union brought with it the space race. During this war period, there were many technological developments and tensions between the two countries were constantly ongoing and the hot conflict of the cold war would lead to the war of  North Korea and South Korea .

The first of almost everything, the Soviet Union was ahead of the United States in the space race, and in 1961 Soviet cosmonaut  Yuri Gagarin was sent into space. In this way, a new era was entered. The cosmonaut name here is given to people trained by Russia.


In other words, people trained by the USA are called astronauts , and people trained by Russia are called cosmonauts . Although Yuri Gagari ‘s space journey, which will take 1 hour and 48 minutes , was featured in the space race of the Soviet Union, the United States would win this race with the first human mission to the Moon. After a short information, what are the 5 necessary qualities to be an astronaut? Let’s see together.

5 Required Qualities to Become an Astronaut

  • Have flight time.
  • To have a diploma.
  • Absence of visual impairment.
  • Finding the Leadership Trait
  • Team Compatibility.

Having Flight Time

Astronauts are a kind of space pilot , and among the qualifications required to be an astronaut, of course, there is flight time. Unfortunately, you cannot become an astronaut without having at least 1000 hours of flight time on jet planes. It is imperative to endure so much effort in order to be in this very disciplined and difficult profession.

Having a Diploma. 

It is necessary to graduate from departments such as biology, engineering, physics, computer science or mathematics. Because these basic sciences are the most useful and necessary sciences in space . Computer science here is referred to as Computer engineering in Turkey . Since computer science is a broad science, there are many sciences under it .

What are the 5 Required Qualities to Become an Astronaut?


Absence of Visual Impairment.

Visual acuity should be at 6/6. So much so that in an environment such as space, this is quite important. However , wearing glasses does not prevent you from being an astronaut . Just remember that the visual acuity test should be at 6/6. 

Finding the Leadership Trait

One event that we see in many space movies or TV series is the conflict between the astronauts’ leaders. In an environment such as space, it is not possible to have a hierarchical structure and not have conflicts . Therefore, if you want to be an astronaut, you need to give importance to your leadership qualities.

Team Compatibility

Another feature of ours, which is among the most important features to be an astronaut, is team compatibility. So much so that in-team compatibility is at a very important level in this environment. Because in any crisis , things may not go as well as expected and may cause big events in a place where there is a disagreement within the team. Unfortunately, you cannot be an astronaut if your team acting is not good.

Of course, these 5 characteristics are not enough to be an astronaut. In addition, many more features are required. Such as being in good physical and mental health, having the necessary physical characteristics, having a sufficient level of language. 

For this reason, it is very important that you have the 5 qualities we have listed in order to be an astronaut. If you want to be an astronaut, you have to go through a lot of training and work hard. We would like to point out that this profession, which is very difficult and not easy to reach, is not  impossible .


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