What are MP3 and MP4? What are the Differences?

Technological devices in every part of our lives come with us in MP3 and MP4. MP3 or MP4 files, which we encounter everywhere in our daily life, are almost cut out. MP3 and MP4, one containing audio and the other audio and video, are actually file formats. Although there are many audio and video file formats, the most used file formats are MP3 and MP4. 

Since technological devices began to enter our pockets, MP3 and MP4 file formats have followed suit and become the most used format by millions of users. What about MP3 and MP4, what are the differences between MP3 and MP4? Let’s see together.

What are MP3 and MP4? What are the Differences?

What is MP3?

It is called “Film experts group sound layer 3” in Turkish, whose English is MPEG-1 Audio Layer. It is an audio file, unlike other files. MP3, the most used audio file in the digital world, is actually a compressed file type. 

Before it was MP1 and MP2. But the MP3 file format was much better. MP3, which enables the sound to work in the highest quality in the digital environment, has succeeded in transferring many audio files to the virtual world. Not only that, it also reduced the size of audio files and followed an important path in saving data.

What are MP3 and MP4? What are the Differences?

What is MP4?

MP4, which came after the MP3 file format, opened a new era and brought a video file alongside the audio file. This format, in which video and audio are compiled together, is an abbreviation of MPEG-4 Part 14. It saves files in digital media such as MP3 Files in a compressed form and saves data. But the biggest difference between MP4 files and MP3 files is that they contain video as well as audio. Even though the MP4 File format is like most video formats, it is one of the most popular video file formats because it is a compressed file type, with little or no data loss.

What are MP3 and MP4? What are the Differences?



It came out in 1994. It came out in 2003.
Contains audio file.  It accommodates many formats such as photos, audio, video and text.
It has .mp3 extension. It has .mp4 extension.
It can compress audio files to a large extent successfully. It causes video and audio loss while performing compression.