Watch Out For This Model: ASUS Recovers Its Motherboards

ASUS Z690 motherboards, released in 2021 , were among the motherboards that worked best with Intel’s 12th generation processors at the time of their debut. However, users who bought the motherboards started to encounter problems in a short time.

As of last December, ASUS started to offer replacement service for Z690 model motherboards. However, the problems that continue despite the part replacements caught the attention of the American Consumer Product Safety Commission . The commission, which examined the motherboards, stated that the Z690 model was a fire hazard .

Watch Out For This Model: ASUS Recovers Its Motherboards

Recall is still in progress

According to the report published by the commission, a capacitor on the motherboard ; has the potential to cause short circuits, overheating and melting. According to the commission, despite the danger of ignition, these incorrectly positioned parts can ignite a large fire.

ASUS immediately started recalls after the commission’s report on Z690 motherboards.  If the production date of the motherboards, which are sold around 7600 TL in our country , is before December 2021, it is recommended not to buy it. ASUS is currently taking back the product of any user whose motherboard is broken or who wants to replace it, unconditionally and unconditionally. The American Consumer Product Safety Commission states that motherboards with the aforementioned model should be discontinued immediately.

If you are wondering if your own motherboard has such a problem, you can go to ASUS’  website and search for your motherboard’s serial number. ASUS states that motherboards with part number 90MB18E-MVAAY0 manufactured in 2021 and serial numbers beginning with MA , MB or MC pose a fire hazard. The company guarantees that if you have a faulty motherboard, it will provide a free replacement.