Upcoming TV Shows and Movies on Netflix (August 2022)

Upcoming TV Shows and Movies on Netflix (August 2022)
Upcoming TV Shows and Movies on Netflix (August 2022)

Netflix will be releasing a lot of great content on the platform in the eighth month of 2022, so you can spice up the summer with some cool content by following the best movies and TV shows released now.

Netflix rolled up its sleeves to sign great shows this month, too. As a matter of fact, brand new content such as Carter, School Tales The Series, Royalteen, 365 Days More and Locke & Key ‘s third season are waiting for us. Moreover , the highly anticipated first season of The Sandman will meet with the audience in August. Not to mention great summer movies…


In the meantime, if you’re trying to filter all your options and decide what to watch on Netflix this month; You will love productions such as Narcos (Mexico), Stranger Things and Squid Game; You can also check out many other great new Netflix series.

Netflix New Series and Movies

Like Heaven (August 1)

On her way to meet her two-child sister, Elizabeth gets into a car accident and falls into a coma. Meanwhile, an architect named David Abbot, who has just lost his wife, moves to San Francisco and rents Elizabeth’s apartment. While she lives in the house, Elizabeth’s spirit begins to follow her.

It’s Not Karma’s Fault (August 3)

Sara’s younger sister and her high school sweetheart are engaged. I wonder if the reason for these experiences is Sara’s misfortune that never leaves her.

Wedding Season (August 4)

Forced by their families to find a wife, Asha and Ravi pretend to be lovers during the summer, which is the wedding season. But when their feelings become real, their game is broken.

The Sandman Season 1 (August 5)

After years of captivity, Dream King Morpheus embarks on a journey between worlds to find what was stolen from him and regain his power.

Rise of the Ninja Turtles (August 5)

The ninja turtles and their mysterious powers are put to the ultimate test, while ruthless creatures from another universe seek to wreak havoc.

Carter (August 5)

Waking up with an amnesia, a man embarks on a dangerous hostage rescue operation, following the instructions of a mysterious voice coming from a device in his ear.

Heart (August 10)

Crazy Hyacinth falls in love with the nomadic Piroz, who plays the violin at her wedding. But neither morals nor superstitions can prevent them. As long as the hearts are one.


School Tales The Series Season 1 (August 10)

Horrible events unfold in the hallways of high school in this anthology of ghost stories from Thailand’s master horror film directors.

Locke & Key Season 3 (August 10)

Three siblings who move into an ancestral home with their mother after their father’s murder discover powers and magic keys that unlock secrets.

Day Shift (August 12)

A vampire-hunting father must find the money to pay for his kid’s school fees and braces within a week. So the bread is in the vampire’s mouth, literally!

Barbie: Princess Charm School (August 16)

Barbie plays Blair, a kind-hearted girl chosen to attend Princess Charm School. He makes new friends in this magical place and discovers that inside every girl there is a princess.

Royalteen (August 17)

When a teenager falls in love with the crown prince unexpectedly, she struggles to uncover her scandalous past and a big secret.

One Way or Another (August 17)

On the eve of her college graduation, Natalie’s life splits into parallel realities: one gets pregnant and stays in her hometown to raise her child, and the other moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dream career.

Glow Up The Next Makeup Story Season 4 (August 19)

In this game show, makeup artist candidates try to overcome colorful challenges for the opportunity to pursue a career in the beauty industry.

365 More Days (August 19)

Upcoming TV Shows and Movies on Netflix (August 2022)

The life of Laura, the wife of Don Massimo Torricelli, one of Sicily’s most dangerous mafia bosses, is not an easy one. Because Massimo has cruel enemies. After an attack on Laura, dark clouds begin to hang over Massimo and Laura’s passionate relationship. Laura and Massimo’s great attraction to each other is jeopardized when Laura crosses paths with the handsome Marcelo Matos, a member of the Spanish underworld.


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