Turkish Grocery Attacks Arctic Monkeys Members(Video)

Arctic Monkeys , one of the biggest music groups that has come to our country in recent years , excited the fans at the Istanbul concert, whose tickets were sold out months ago, on the night of 9 August . Apart from the magnificent concert, the discussion that the band members had with a grocery store in Beyoğlu yesterday left its mark on the agenda.

In the images published on the tv100 news site, it is seen that the members of the group, who drink alcohol in the side streets of Beyoğlu, have a verbal argument with a grocery store in the area. The person who runs the place swears and throws the alcohol bottles left by the group members in the trash.

Here’s the Debate Between Arctic Monkeys Members and the Grocery

After the concert, band members Jamie Cook and Nick O’malley , who remained in Istanbul, went to a nearby grocery store with liquor bottles in their hands and started chatting after leaving the venue called Corridor. But the owner of the grocery store got into a verbal argument with the group because they put the liquor bottles in front of the shop. After the controversy quickly escalated, the grocer angrily threw bottles of liquor into the garbage and swore in English. The band members returned to the venue before the event escalated. When reminded that the people he was discussing with the grocery store were a world-famous group, he replied “it doesn’t matter” .

According to some people, both sides are right in the incident that fell on the social media agenda in a short time. Because in most countries abroad, businesses such as markets and grocery stores collect the deposits of empty liquor bottles. He thinks that the band members may have left the bottles in front of the grocery store based on this. On the other hand, people are positive that the owner of the business wants to see the front of his shop cleanly. 

After the incident fell like a bomb on the agenda, the owner of the grocery store Aydın Gül , speaking to Hürriyet, said, “It was wrong for me to shout. I don’t like rock music, but let’s meet and offer coffee, as long as they are human . “