Turkish game Ex Natura is coming to early access this year

Recently, we have come across many game works of different genres from our country. Although there are problems in the development processes of some of these games, we also have games included in events such as the Steam Demo Festival. Here is some information from the production team for one of these games, Ex Natura, which took place at the Steam Demo Festival last June. Stating that they are making progress in the development process with the demo version of the game, the team also announced that the souls genre Ex Natura will be released in early access this year. The information given is as follows;

Ex Natura, the Turkish game in the Souls genre, is going into early access this year

“The demo of our Ex Natura game we are developing will be released in June.We released it at the steam demo festival. We continue to update the demo version of our game, which is still in development, with the feedback we receive from you. Our plan is to present the game to your liking with early access at the end of November 2022 and continue to develop it.

There are 9 different regions in our game. In these regions, we have prepared puzzles for our players to solve, enemies to fight and obstacles to overcome. At the end of each level, we also put Bosses with unique features.

  • 1 – Forest
  • 2 – Dungeon
  • 3 – Above the Cloud
  • 4 – Swamp.
  • 5 – Cave / Tunnel
  • 6 – Ascension

Turkish game Ex Natura is coming to early access this year

While designing the bosses at the end of the episode, we took care to make different fighting and attack mechanics. Our aim is to eliminate the mundane and provide a unique sense of action for the players and guide the player to create a different strategy for each Boss. We have prepared many details and surprises for the development of the main character in our game. We have prepared a unique world that makes every moment of the player live to the fullest.”