Turkey’s Most Hated Practices Revealed

Turkey's Most Hated Practices Revealed
Turkey's Most Hated Practices Revealed

Every day, 250 million applications are downloaded to millions of smartphones around the world from channels such as Google Playstore and Apple Store . Applications that have almost no quality control standards, especially on the Android side, are hated by users in a short time. Going on this issue , a technology company called Electronics Hub made a list of the most hated apps in the world .

According to the site, which also includes Turkey in the list, Roblox was the most hated application in our country . Roblox, the most hated app in 21 countries in total , was just ahead of Reddit and Tinder .


Turkey's Most Hated Practices Revealed

The Most Hated Social Media App Twitter


The company, which completed its research by categorizing the applications; Cryptocurrency exchange, dating apps, entertainment, mobile games, banking transactions and social media created a total of 6 categories .

According to the categorization, Cash App was the most disliked app in the cryptocurrency exchange, Tinder in dating apps , Steam in entertainment apps , Roblox in mobile games , Western Union in banking apps and Facebook Messenger in social media apps. In Turkey , unlike most other countries, the most disliked social media app was. Selected as Twitter .

Here are the Most Hated Apps in Turkey

Most Hated App roblox
Cryptocurrency Exchanges Uphold
Dating Apps OkCupid
Fun Steam
Mobile Game Genshin Impact
Banking wise
Social media twitter

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