Turkey’s Most Hated Practices Revealed

Every day, 250 million applications are downloaded to millions of smartphones around the world from channels such as Google Playstore and Apple Store . Applications that have almost no quality control standards, especially on the Android side, are hated by users in a short time. Going on this issue , a technology company called Electronics Hub made a list of the most hated apps in the world .

According to the site, which also includes Turkey in the list, Roblox was the most hated application in our country . Roblox, the most hated app in 21 countries in total , was just ahead of Reddit and Tinder .

Turkey's Most Hated Practices Revealed

The Most Hated Social Media App Twitter

The company, which completed its research by categorizing the applications; Cryptocurrency exchange, dating apps, entertainment, mobile games, banking transactions and social media created a total of 6 categories .

According to the categorization, Cash App was the most disliked app in the cryptocurrency exchange, Tinder in dating apps , Steam in entertainment apps , Roblox in mobile games , Western Union in banking apps and Facebook Messenger in social media apps. In Turkey , unlike most other countries, the most disliked social media app was. Selected as Twitter .

Here are the Most Hated Apps in Turkey

Most Hated App roblox
Cryptocurrency Exchanges Uphold
Dating Apps OkCupid
Fun Steam
Mobile Game Genshin Impact
Banking wise
Social media twitter