Turkcell and YouTube Partnership Announced: Here are the Opportunities

It was announced that a cooperation was established between Turkcell and YouTube . Based on its agreement with YouTube, Turkcell will offer its users special advantages, discounts and opportunities for YouTube Premium . Turkcell also stated that all Turkcell customers can access all of these benefits .

Within the scope of its cooperation with YouTube, Turkcell will provide free YouTube Premium subscription to existing Turkcell customers for a limited time . Within the scope of the agreement, Turkcell users will have 2 months free access to YouTube Premium, while this period will be 3 months for Platinum customers .

Thanks to YouTube Premium, users will be able to experience YouTube ad-free and will not experience any interruptions even in the background of the phone or when the screen is off.

Turkcell and YouTube Partnership Announced: Here are the Opportunities

Turkcell Customers Will Have Free YouTube Premium

Turkcell announced the cooperation with the following statement:

“Turkcell continues to offer privileges to its customers. In cooperation with YouTube, the company offers both new and existing customers the opportunity to subscribe to YouTube Premium for free for a limited time, along with exclusive opportunities.

Within the scope of the agreement, Turkcell subscribers will be able to use YouTube Premium free of charge for 2 months, and Turkcell’s exclusive world Platinum customers for 3 months. Users who want to take advantage of the campaign will only have to follow the special offers offered to them from Platinum, GNÇ, Bizce, Paycell and Turkcell applications.

26 million customers will be able to benefit from the campaign, which will be effective as of August 15. Turkcell customers who do not currently subscribe to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium, who have not previously subscribed to YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Premium or Google Play Music, and who have not benefited from any promotions of these applications, can benefit from the campaign.

With the free Premium package, users can use the application ad-free from all their devices, including YouTube Kids and YouTube Music Premium, and save the videos they want to watch later and watch them when their mobile data is limited and there is no internet connection. YouTube Premium continues uninterrupted in the background and when the screen is off.”