Tony Stark’s death was tried to be prevented by the first Iron Man director

The death of Tony Stark, which has become one of the most iconic moments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was tried to be prevented by the director of the first Iron Man movie.

Tony Stark’s death upset the director of the first Iron Man movie as much as Marvel fans. So much so that the director of the movie, Jon Favreu, tried to dissuade the Russo brothers from their decision by calling the Russo brothers after reading the script of Endgame. The Russo brothers politely turned down Jon Favreu, who started the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as we know it today.

Tony Stark’s death upset Jon Favreu

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 5 The Russo brothers, who were certain that they would not direct the Avengers films after the announcement of ‘Avengers,’ explained how Favreu “begged” them in an interview with Vanity Fair:
“There was great pressure from Jon Favreu not to kill Tony Stark. After reading the script, he called us and said, “Really. “Are you going to kill Iron Man?” asked his brother Joe Russo, who took the floor after Anthony Russo said:
“That’s exactly what he asked. And I remember Anthony pacing from one end of the stage to the other while trying to explain the matter to Favreu on the phone.”

Tony Stark's death was tried to be prevented by the first Iron Man director

The first Iron Man movie, directed by Jon Favreu and released in 2008, was the opening movie of the MCU. Favreu has also acted in other films as Tony’s head of security and friend, it seems that he hasn’t stopped trying to protect Tony until the very last moment. The death of Iron Man was arguably one of the most epic moments in the MCU and a terrific closure for Tony Stark’s story. But Jon Favreu didn’t think so.
Joe Russo went on to describe the event as follows:
“Because Favreu strongly believed that we should not have given up on this decision. He said it would destroy the audience, they would leave the movie theater. We read what we knew anyway.”
Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely also supported the Russo brothers’ decision, and they decided that Iron Man’s death in this way would be the perfect ending for Tony Stark. So McFeely.
“Everyone knew Tony Stark was going to die like this,” he said.