Things got serious, page for PC launched on PlayStation website

Things are getting serious in Sony’s strategy of releasing games to PC, which has been developed in recent years. Of course , there was no need to open a page called ” PlayStation PC games ” on PlayStaion’s website to understand this . However, the page that opens now is very important in terms of reaching the company’s future plans and some assumptions.

PC games page launched on PlayStation website

This new page, which we can also see on PlayStation’s website, which is live in Turkey, includes games that will come to PC in the coming period and have already arrived. In addition, the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page has also been opened and it is possible to extract some hints from it. Looking at the strategies of its current rival Xbox, will there be a PSN account for PlayStation games on PC in the future? It is possible to find an imprecise answer to the question.

Things got serious, page for PC launched on PlayStation website

On the FAQ page “Do I need an account for PSN to play PlayStation games on PC?” We see that the answer was “No, you do n’t currently  need an account for PSN to enjoy PlayStation Studios games on PC .” The term “at the moment” mentioned in the response may change in the coming period.

On the other hand, you need an Xbox Live account for some games developed by Xbox Game Studios. This situation remains valid in some productions such as Forza Horizon 5, Sea of ​​Thieves, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, As Dusk Falls, Microsoft Flight Simulator. Thanks to the Xbox Live account, players have the advantage of storing their achievements, save files and portable data about the game. If a PSN account is required for PlayStation games on PC in the future, it will probably be advantageous for the availability of such features.

As Jim Ryan said, since PlayStation will bring more PS games to the PC platform in the coming period, we can say that they will follow such a strategy in the future. Of course, no official statement or comment has been made on the subject yet.