The legend returns: Winamp is back

Winamp, indispensable for computers in those days when everyone was listening to DJ Akman, is being developed again after years. That’s the real TBT!

The legend that left Microsoft’s own product, Windows Media Player, in the background in time, is being developed again. Winamp is an MP3 player software that everyone using a computer used at least once in the early 2000s, let’s give this information for those who don’t know. Although active development stopped in 2013, news came that it was being developed again in 2018, and now version 5.9 is available for download.

Journey back 20 years with Winamp

Winamp 5.9 RC1 Build 999 brings long patch notes with Windows 11 compatibility and many new updates. The previous version 5.8 was released 4 years ago. With the intervention of the pandemic, the developer teams have changed, so the new version has been a bit of a mess. They moved the project from Visual Studio 2008 version to 2019 and rebuilt everything. 

The legend returns: Winamp is back

DJ Akman & Last Breath – The player that comes to mind when we say “With You for the First Time” has always had a place in our hearts as a legend of the past. Of course, many music apps like Spotify dominated the market until he came back, but if you have a USB stick from the 2000s, it’s time to plug it into your computer and travel 20 years back with Winamp.

To download the latest version for free you can click here.