Tencent Claims Majority of Ubisoft

Tencent , one of the shareholders of Epic Games and the owner of the most played games in the world , aspired to the majority share of Ubisoft . Tencent, which was revealed to have bought 5% of Ubisoft’s shares in 2018, wants to have a say in the management by buying more shares in the company, according to sources.

The Chinese company, which owns $5.3 billion worth of shares in the French company , rolled up its sleeves to become the largest shareholder. According to the news published on the Reuters site, the company, which allocated an extra resource for this acquisition, knocked on the door of the Guillemot family , who owns 15% of the company.

Tencent Claims Majority of Ubisoft

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Tencent, which already has the most played online games in the world such as PUBG , League of Legends , Fortnite , Arena of Valor , also wants to get a hand in the game industry of the West. 80% of Ubisoft, the producer of series such as Assassin’s Creed , Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege , Far Crypublicly held by shareholders. Allegedly, Tencent, which wants to start with the Guillemot family, one of the largest shareholders, wants to become the largest shareholder in Ubisoft by directing its purchases to shares in the public. Ubisoft, which is thought to be on the rise financially in recent days, has not received a response to the allegations.

Tencent’s investments in game companies in the West have exceeded billions of dollars. The company, which bought the majority shares of Supercell , the creator of Clash of Clans , which is among the giants of the mobile game industry in 2016, has majority shares in Western-based companies such as Epic Games and Riot Games.