Survival games are on sale on Steam

Survival Fest 2022 , the survival games event on the Steam platform , started on August 1st. During the event period, many survival games will be on sale, and games with upcoming release dates will also be available to players. Especially in our country, as every discount has a different value, survival games are also a very popular genre. In such games, you can have a good time with your friends, or you can withdraw into your shell and hang out alone. At the same time, survival games, whose catalog has expanded in recent years, offer good options with discounts.

Survival games on Steam that we say can’t escape at these prices

As with every sale, as Merlin’s Winner, we will list the games that we say “don’t miss if you find them at this price” for you. Of course, there will be some games that can be overlooked while preparing this list, because you know that there are hundreds of thousands of games on Steam. You can also specify the games that catch your attention and that you can’t see on the list in the comments to recommend them to other players.

Survival games are on sale on Steam

  • Rust – 154.00 TL with 50% discount
  • The Forest – 8,00 TL with 75% discount
  • Hunt: Showdown – 54.50 TL with 50% discount (On sale for a while)
  • ARK: Survival Evolved – 16.50 TL with 67% discount
  • Northgard – 12.50 TL with 75% discount
  • Subnautica – 25.00 TL with 50% discount
  • 7 Days to Die – 11,70 TL with 70% discount
  • V Rising – 28.80 TL with 10% discount
  • Subnautica: Below Zero – 25.00 TL with 50% discount
  • Don’t Starve Together – 8,16 TL with 66% discount
  • Green Hell – 28.00 TL with 30% discount
  • Oxygen Not Included – 15.60 TL with 60% discount
  • Frostpunk – 12.50 TL with 75% discount
  • STARBOUND – 6,00 TL with 75% discount
  • The Long Dark – 19.38 TL with 66% discount
  • Surviving Mars – 12.50 TL with 75% discount

The Steam Survival Festival will run until August 8th. In the meantime, you will have the chance to try the games whose release date is approaching. You can get the above games and more at a discount until our calendars show August 8th at 20:00 TSI.