Strong and Secure Password / How to Create a Password?

Strong and Secure Password / How to Create a Password?
Strong and Secure Password / How to Create a Password?

Strong and Secure Password / How to Create a Password? – If you still use simple passwords, you shouldn’t. In this guide, we will explain in more detail what a bad password is, why you should care about it, and how to create a good password. The first thing we need to say is that password managers are the best choice you can make to ensure the security of your passwords and passwords.

However, many users do not seem to like these tools very much, according to statistics, only one out of four users uses a password management program. So, if you are in the rest, how do you ensure your password security? The more accurate question is: can you provide it? A significant portion of users prefer simple passwords. Again, even if a significant number use a relatively strong password, they use it as a common password on multiple platforms. 


However, taking care of password security is no simple matter given the enormous scale of potential risks, and protecting your passwords means protecting virtually all of your personal data.  

Strong and Secure Password / How to Create a Password?

Strong and Secure Password / How to Create a Password?

  • Using uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Using characters
  • Using numbers

Using Upper and Lower Cases

One of the most common mistakes when creating a password is using only lowercase or only uppercase letters. You can see that many users made this mistake from the passwords leaked on the internet. When you want to create a strong password, your password should not only start with a capital letter. In other words, there should be a capital letter in the middle of the password you create, this will keep your password safe.

Using Characters

If you want to have a strong and secure password. Among the things you must do is to use characters such as “?/#%” in your password. Since the period or comma characters are among the most used characters, it will be a little easier to guess.


Using Numbers

Using numbers is essential for a strong password. Having a number or a number at the beginning of your password will make the job of cyber hackers even more difficult. 

Strong Password Example

“he4Bt56%!mer” The password shown in the example makes it very difficult for hackers to crack it. By setting such a password, you can increase your security in the cyber world.

Strong and Secure Password / How to Create a Password?

So, how will the generated passwords be remembered?

In the example we showed above, we have shown how a strong password should be. But there is a problem, we have set this password, but how do we keep it in mind? It may be best to use password storage management programs for this, or it may be necessary to write down all the passwords. Of course, none of these solutions will provide 100% security, but we can say that you can have much more secure passwords than millions of users.

Errors When Creating a Password

  • Set a date of birth.
  • Name the team.
  • Naming family members.
  • Putting student numbers.
  • Name your favorite pet.
  • Putting the name and license plate of the city in which he lives.
  • Naming special days. (Like marriage date)
  • Putting the same password as the username.
  • Putting simple phrases like “123” next to the username or other options.

The items listed above are among the most common mistakes when setting a password. Cyber ​​hackers or malicious people can create an algorithm with the traces you leave on the internet and find your password easily. 

It is worth mentioning: Setting a separate password for each platform will keep you very safe in terms of data security. There is no end to cyber attacks on the Internet. Therefore, if your account is stolen on one platform, it will not be possible for hackers to access your other accounts because there is a different password on the other platform.


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