Steam Brings An Important Feature That Will Delight Gamers

Steam has changed the process of getting free PC games and DLCs to make it a little clearer, and this is one of the quality-of-life changes users have been waiting for for a long time. It’s the kind of change that you can’t even understand why it was expected all these years.

If you’re a regular Steam user,  you should know that if a game is free on Steam and you want to add it to your library, you have no choice but to select the ‘ Play’ option that fires up the installation process. Then you would make the necessary settings for the installation in the background of Steam, bring the installation window to your screen, and close this window because all you wanted to do was add that game to your library.

Steam Brings An Important Feature That Will Delight Gamers

‘Add Library’ Option Arrived on Steam

Although it has been waiting for years to resolve this situation,  Valve has finally introduced an ‘Add to Library’ option that you can click to add the product to your game library , and thanks to this option, you will now be able to add only the games you want to add to your library without dealing with any loading windows.

This was much more inconvenient for free DLCs. When you pressed ‘Play’ to add any free DLC to your library only, the game would open directly if it was installed on your system. Now with the new ‘Add to Library’ option, this problem is also solved .

Although this seems like a small and easy-to-implement feature, it is a very big and important feature, and it is the kind of feature that one might ask why it hasn’t been around for so long. Fortunately, we don’t have to look for answers to these questions and now we can add free content directly to the library without any hassle.