Starlink and T-Mobile Will Collaborate

The scope of the Starlink project, which Elon Musk has been working on for several years, continues to expand. According to a recent announcement, the German communication giant T-Mobile and the Starlink project within SpaceX will make a joint presentation .

Although there is not much information about the details of the presentation and cooperation for now, it is alleged that both companies aim to spread 5G technology and increase user satisfaction in line with their own interests.

Starlink and T-Mobile Will Collaborate

T-Mobile Will Use Starlink Satellites to Extend 5G Technology

T-Mobile, which ranks 6th among companies providing mobile phone services with 106 million subscribers , has been looking for new ways to facilitate the worldwide 5G transformation in recent years. Allegedly, behind the cooperation with the Starlink project, there is a new Starlink product that can use 5G service in urban areas and Starlink service in rural areas . Accordingly, T-Mobile infrastructure will be used near the base stations and Starlink’s satellite internet will be used in rural areas in order to keep the mobile speed of the users at a high level.

Starlink has been experiencing a busy internet network due to the satellite internet usage expansions and the increase in the number of users in the past months . Elon Musk may want to get rid of the traffic on the network by using base stations thanks to the agreement they will make with T-Mobile. The fact that the announcement came when Falcon 9 rockets were being modified to launch the second generation of Starlink satellites proves the mutual interest agreement between the two major companies. Elon Musk states that the first-generation satellites are very weak financially, while the second-generation satellites are much stronger. Behind these words may lie big deals that are expected to continue later.