Spider-Man Remastered multiplayer mode could be coming

After its launch last week played a lot There has also been a new development for the Spider-Man Remastered PC version, where the files are entered and exited. Thanks to the references seen in the game files, it is said that the Spider-Man Remastered multiplayer version may be released in the future.

Spider-Man Remastered multiplayer may be on the way

Looking at the PC files of the game, we can say that Insomniac Games is currently developing a Spider-Man multiplayer mode, and this mode will include Miles Morales and various game modes. All these claims come from a Twitter user named DniewTamp, who noticed such references in the game files. At the same time VGC checks the game files to confirm that these references exist.

Spider-Man Remastered multiplayer mode could be coming

However, it is not possible to go into further details as the files are not accessible. It is predicted that in Spider-Man Remastered multiplayer mode, a second player will be able to take control of Miles Morales -with all his unique abilities and animations- by taking control. It can also be said to include PvP and PvE modes.

In some of the game files, there are definitions such as “player 1”, “player 2”, as well as some messages such as “the Superior Spider-Man”. The multiplayer mode is expected to be independent of the main scenario. At the same time, the multiplayer mode in question may have been developed for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Because both the sequel