Spider-Man PC version almost closes to God of War

As you know, Spider-Man PC version was released recently. The new version of the production developed for the PC, which is already very popular on PlayStation consoles, was also loved by the players. In fact, the peak number of players the game saw after the release has reached levels that can almost challenge God of War. However, God of War is still sitting back in the corner watching everything that is going on.

Spider-Man PC player count reveals strong debut

When we look at the data on SteamDB, we see that the peak player count of the game has increased to 66,436 in the last 24 hours. This number is almost 6-7K below God of War, but it still shows how much the Spider-Man PC version is loved by the players.

Spider-Man PC version almost closes to God of War

Horizon Zero Dawn, the first major game to come to PC from PlayStation, has been able to hold up to 56,557 players at the same time since its release. The highest player counts seen by PlayStation games released for PC are as follows:

  • God of War: 73,529
  • Spider-Man: 66,436
  • Horizon Zero Dawn – 56,557
  • Days Gone – 27,450

Looking at these numbers, Spider-Man Remastered PC version became the most popular game after God of War among the games Sony brought to PC. The game, which managed to get 87 points from the press and 88 points from the players on Metacritic, came out quite well and appeared as a problem-free port.