Sony Backbone One for iPhone introduced

With a new move from Sony, Sony Backbone One – PlayStation Edition, specially prepared for iPhone devices, was introduced.

A new PlayStation Edition version built on the company’s on-sale mobile controller, Backbone One, comes compatible with iPhone smartphone models. This controller, which is focused on iPhone devices, aims to turn smartphones into a portable game console. This product, which makes Playstation games playable thanks to PS Remote Play support, can also be used in normal mobile games. While seeing that Sony has made big moves to the mobile game market, it continues its development to bring many Playstation games to the mobile platform.

iPhone-focused Backbone One announced

Sony Backbone One for iPhone introduced

The newly presented Backbone One PlayStation edition will be on sale in many countries, and it is stated that the overseas price will be 100 dollars. While Sony continues to work on many products, one of them is PlayStation VR2. While the company also gave details about this model a while ago, the new VR glasses, which is expected to come as PS VR2, will support more than 20 big games. We will see VR glasses, mainly with productions such as The Walking Dead, Resident Evil Village and No Man’s Sky. According to the statements, support will be given to 3rd party productions that are not produced specifically for VR.

In the games, a 1080P virtual screen will be brought to the users and the game will be played with 24 to 120 Hz support with this screen.