Skull & Bones’ Main Focus Will Not Be Stories

The French publisher, who organized a special Ubisoft Forward for Skull & Bones earlier last month, shared with us many curious details about the game. A new statement has come about the game, in which we will play the role of a pirate who managed to survive a shipwreck called Sainte-Anne. It is said that for the main focus of Skull & Bones, the story will not play a significant role.

Skull & Bones' Main Focus Will Not Be Stories

The Main Focus of Skull & Bones Will Be The Adventures Of The Players

Speaking in a recent interview with the True Achievements site, Game Director Ryan Barnard talked about what players should expect in terms of story . It is said that he will not put too much emphasis on the story. Although there are elements in that direction, the main focus of the Skull & Bones game was about creating our own adventure.

“Skull & Bones is not a story driven game. We offer story pieces in the game. You will meet important artificial intelligence characters called Kingpins, where you will learn their stories while contracting and developing friendly relations with them. There is a basic story on which we build the knowledge of the game’s world, but it is not the main focus. We want players to be able to create their own stories and choose the type of pirate they want.”

Later in the interview, it is said that the name of the progress system in the game is Infamy. With this system, we will gain access to blueprints of different types of ships, weapons and armor. It is said that these will be needed by us when reconnaissance in order to be effective against new enemies.

Skull & Bones, which will be available on November 8, 2022 , is in development for PC (Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, while it will be available on Amazon Luna, Stadia and Ubisoft+.