Silent Hill PT comes to life in Halo Infinite

Silent Hill has been remade in PT Halo Infinite. One of the players working on the Forge mod, the cosplayer “Death Templar” has rebuilt PT’s famous corridor in the Forge mode, which is still in the testing phase.

piece by piece Hello Infinite co-op senaryo moduIt was put to the test recently. During this testing phase, it was seen that some players had access to Forge assets weeks ago and one of them made quite a bit of progress with the PT mode.

Silent Hill PT remade in Halo Infinite

Death Templar managed to capture the tension that PT created in his time, even by only making the famous corridor sequence. Of course, in this case, the sound effects also have a big impact. Death Templar wants to continue working on the mod and plans to make it “good enough to embarrass Konami” at some point.

Silent Hill PT comes to life in Halo Infinite

The most striking part of Death Templar’s work can be called the lightings. Other forge mods that hit Twitter show that objects can be made absurdly enlarged or vehicles can be combined with each other. Halo’s multiplayer mode, which was released in stages, drew reaction due to the lack of content. The game’s single player mode entered the beta process eight months after Halo Infinite was released.