Scary survival game Serum announced

An announcement trailer has been released that looks at the gameplay and theme of Serum, the first-person survival game developed by Game Island.

Survival games can stand out for reasons such as being realistic, atmosphere or gameplay. There’s a survival game for almost every taste, from Don’t Starve Together and The Outer Wilds to horror games like The Long Dark and The Forest, which offer more realistic gameplay. The newly announced Serum fits right in with the horror theme.

Survival game Serum looks pretty scary

Scary survival game Serum announced

The first game of Game Island, Serum, takes players in a world full of ruins and strange mutations. For those who love horror and survival games, a short announcement trailer video was released earlier today. It shows us a foggy forest, a dilapidated house, and a town filled with mummified corpses and mutant insects, as you can see in the video below.

In the video, we see him injecting a green liquid into our hero’s hand, scanning the environment with a handheld device and pointing to nearby sources. Then we see a tube of green serum at the feet of a corpse. As if emphasizing that we can encounter monsters full of mutants in the forest, it makes us feel that the spear-fighting character needs to solve some mysteries.

Serum’s Steam store page sheds light on the trailer, allowing us to understand the story. Losing his memory after waking up in a mad scientist’s laboratory, our hero escapes into the wild. As they try to find their way out, it is soon discovered that the strange and glowing matter is the key to their survival. It seems that this green serum tube in the game can have different effects on the character. We will see the details when the game comes out.