Scandalous Decision from Apple: Ads Coming to iPhone Apps

Apple may eventually bring ads to your iPhone and more apps that come pre-installed, including Maps , Books , and Podcasts . According to a report from Bloomberg ‘s Mark Gurman , Apple has internally tested search ads that can show suggestions when you search for restaurants, shops, or other nearby businesses in Maps.

Apple has long used a similar advertising model in the App Store, as developers can pay to have their app promoted on a search page for a specific query like “puzzle games” or “photo editor” .

As Gurman points out, ads on Maps can work the same way as businesses that pay to appear at the top of search results when users enter certain search terms.

Scandalous Decision from Apple: Ads Coming to iPhone Apps

Coming Ads to iPhone Apps Being Tested

Gurman believes it could also serve ads to Apple’s native Podcasts and Books apps. This could potentially allow publishers to place ads in spaces within each app or pay for their content to rank higher in search results . Just like Maps, Podcasts and Books are currently available ad-free.

If these claims turn out to be true, it is unclear how this will be reflected on the user side and what kind of reactions will be encountered, but it seems that Apple will think about this issue for a while .