[Rumor] Roller Champions is not engaging, Ubisoft will close it soon

It seems incredible, yet after more than two years of waiting for its release on the market, the Roller Champions adventure could end badly soon .

Ubisoft’s free-to-play sports title, launched at the end of May after many postponements , will soon end its run. This is what has emerged in the last few hours from an authoritative source, which has taken up the financial results of Ubisoft released a few days ago.

Speaking on the Xbox Era podcast  , Giant Bomb reporter Jeff Grubb said “Roller Champions will be canceled after Season 3 ,” reading a message from a source. For the moment Ubisoft has not commented on the news.

According to Ubisoft’s recent financial reports, Roller Champions has received more positive feedback than the Hyper Scape battle royale, which closed at the beginning of the year, but that’s not enough.

The game, it seems, has failed to build a solid and compact community. Looking at the cold numbers, at the time of writing this news, Roller Champions is followed by 240 users on Twitch, but this afternoon the total viewers were just under 100 .

Season 3, which should start between the end of August and the first days of September, could be the last chance for Ubisoft to understand if Roller Champions has the cards on the table to stay in business, even if it seems that its fate is now. marked .