Roblox Song Codes, Turkish and Foreign Music Codes

Roblox Song Codes, Turkish and Foreign Music Codes
Roblox Song Codes, Turkish and Foreign Music Codes

Roblox song codes; It allows players to listen to songs during the game. While playing the game, players enter their music ID. With the entry of the music IDs, the song starts to play in the Roblox game. Thanks to Roblox music codes , players enjoy the game more. Solo players can listen to Roblox songs with the boombox device. Listening to songs on Roblox becomes impossible if there is no boombox device. After obtaining the Boombox device, you need to pair it with the game. After pairing, a text box will appear on your screen. When you add the song code in the text box, the music starts playing. In this way, you will be able to both play games and listen to songs.

Roblox Turkish Song Codes

  • National Anthem- Code: 160683797
  • I Don’t Know (Sefo)- Code: 1844945721
  • Kiss (Tarkan)- Code: 168573650
  • Vineyards of Ankara- Code: 874899465
  • Son Diss (Enes Batur)- Code: 1080860874
  • Bella (Merve Yalçın)- Code: 5863863596
  • Lace (İrem Derici)- Code: 427068781
  • I can die (Bedo)-Code: 6912319512
  • Silence (Penalty)-Code: 2000042135
  • Wow Boy My Heart Wow- Code: 1219364570
  • Two Lovers (Ersay Üner)- Code: 1246461918
  • I Have a Problem (Reynmen)-Code: 2811762247
  • Final State (Ben Fero)-Code: 4405639368
  • Missed Ringing (Aleyna Tilki)- Code: 631430785
  • Maybe (Mero)- Code: 3486534969
  • B1R (Haki)-Code: 1240945301
  • Flowers from Heaven (Zehra)- Code: 5447744718
  • Gecek (Tarkan)-Code: 8860575177
  • Krvn (UZI)- Code: 6701927808
  • Please (Cakal)- Code: 7118221339

If you don’t follow Roblox’s community rules while uploading songs to the game with Roblox Turkish song codes , you may encounter some problems. One of these problems is copyright. Playing songs uploaded without following Roblox community rules will be stopped by the system


Roblox Song Codes, Turkish and Foreign Music Codes


Roblox Foreign Song Codes

  • Dance Monke- Code: 4517047588
  • Gangnam Style (PSY)- Code: 130844430
  • Candy Shop (50 Cent)- Code: 135212455
  • I’m Not Afraid (Eminem) – Code: 131149175
  • Epic Sax Guy- Code: 130775431
  • Astronomia (Coffin Dance)- Code: 5180097131
  • Sandstorm (Darude)- Code: 166562385
  • Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)- Code: 142058994
  • Old Town Road (Lil Nas X)- Code: 2862170886
  • Rockabye (Clean Bandit)- Code: 1141928708
  • Applause (Lady Gaga)- Code: 130964099
  • The Song of The Dragonborn- Code: 138297303
  • Lean On (Major Lazer & DJ Snake)- Code: 239533935
  • Mi Gente (J. Balvin Willy William)- Code: 989214114
  • Monster (Skillet)- Code: 131395300
  • Changes (2Pac)- Code: 3486534969
  • Tokyo Drift (Teriyaki Boyz)- Code: 750353370

Thanks to Roblox foreign song codes , you can reach many popular songs. Roblox song codes; consists of special expressions and words. Both foreign and Turkish songs are listened a lot in Roblox game. Thanks to Roblox music codes, it is possible to listen to all kinds of songs.

Where to Write Roblox Codes?

Roblox song codes allow many different songs to be played in-game. In order to listen to the songs through song codes in Roblox, firstly, the radio section in the game is entered. Then, the code of the song you want to listen to should be written on the screen that will open by clicking the “e” button. After entering the song code, you can start listening to the song. You can repeat the same process when you want to listen to a song in the game.

The Roblox game draws attention with its uniquely developed features. Thanks to these features, it appeals to players of all age groups. Players can improve their experience in the Roblox game. As a result of the combination of many factors, Roblox has started to make a name for itself in the game world. The ability to listen to songs while playing games in Roblox was also loved by the players. Roblox, which has a large player base, is constantly developing new features to appeal to more people. While playing the game on Roblox, you can make the game more enjoyable by listening to your favorite songs.


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