Renames Archive Feature in Google Photos

If you’re someone who takes a lot of photos, Google Photos ‘ main gallery view can be overwhelming, but it’s easy to hide some of those photos or duplicate images thanks to the Archive feature . Google now seems to give this feature a more appropriate name .

What appears to be a minor update, Google Photos’ Archive option is apparently renaming it “Private” . 9to5Google spotted this name change while updating Photos for iOS to version 6.1. However, this change is expected to appear on Android phones with the final version of Android 13.

Currently, when you open a photo and open the move menu, you will be greeted with an action bar that includes, among other things, the option to move a photo to the archive. With the arrival of the new update, you will see an information window that says “Archive is now called Hidden” .

Renames Archive Feature in Google Photos

Archive Folder Will Continue To Provide The Same Function

You will be greeted with the same information window while in the archive folder. It ‘s worth noting that this is just a name change , so don’t expect any functional changes. Also, your hidden photos will still appear in albums and search results.

In addition to the new name, Google Photos now shows the “Backed Up” section on Android. This information was previously available in the iOS and web version. You can use this option to view the file size and backup quality of a photo.

Although the new change may seem like a minor change, the aim seems to be to clarify to users what the option means . However, it is worth noting that the Hidden folder does not completely hide your photos from prying eyes. If your goal is to hide some photos , you will need to enable and use the Lock Folder feature of Google Photos.