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PS5’s New Controller DualSense Edge Announced (Video)

PS5's New Controller DualSense Edge Announced (Video)
PS5's New Controller DualSense Edge Announced (Video)

PS5’s new controller DualSense Edge has been introduced. Along with the promotion, a video about the new controller was also released. The shared video reveals what the new controller of the popular game console looks like.

Controllers are of great importance for game consoles because they directly affect the gaming experience. If the controller does not provide a comfortable experience, playing games for long periods of time can become a torture.


Sony Interactive Entertainment has developed a new controller for the PlayStation 5 game console. Important information was shared about what features the controller called DualSense Edge has. The shared video and image of the new controller also revealed the design of the DualSense Edge.

What Does PS5’s New Controller DualSense Edge Offer?

Japan-based technology giant Sony introduced a new controller called DualSense Edge during the Gamescom 2022 event . Although the design of the new controller is very similar to the existing DualSense controller, there are minor changes between the two controllers.

The most striking part of the wireless controller developed for PlayStation 5 is customization. The new controller can be customized in great detail. In addition, it will be possible to make fine adjustments. This will significantly improve the controller experience.


The new controller developed by Sony has another very important feature. DualSense Edge has the ability to save multiple profiles. If more than one person is using the controller, each person can set the ideal settings for himself. That way, you won’t have to deal with it every time.

On the other hand, you may want to play with different settings for each game. Whatever the reason, profiles will be very easy to save and conveniently switch between profiles. Analogs, on the other hand, have an interchangeable structure. For replacement, you will have to purchase new analogues.

The controller in question will come with many functions, including haptic feedback, built-in microphone. You can browse the video released by Sony through the player above.


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