Phones that can be purchased under 5000 TL

Phones that can be purchased under 5000 TL

Smartphones have been constantly renewed and updated since their release. However, most smartphones degrade considerably in 2 or 3 years. For this reason , we have compiled the best smartphones that can be bought under 5000 TL for those who are considering buying a new affordable phone. Well, let’s see what these phones are.


Best Smartphones Under 5000 TL 

  • Samsung Galaxy A02S (64GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy A03 (64GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy M13 (128GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy M12 (128GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy A13 (64GB)
  • TCL 10L (64GB)
  • TCL 20L Plus (256GB)
  • General Mobile Gm 21 Pro (128GB)
  • Reeder P13 Blue Max Pro (256GB)
  • Reeder S19 Max Pro (256GB)


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