Phones that can be purchased under 5000 TL

Smartphones have been constantly renewed and updated since their release. However, most smartphones degrade considerably in 2 or 3 years. For this reason , we have compiled the best smartphones that can be bought under 5000 TL for those who are considering buying a new affordable phone. Well, let’s see what these phones are.

Best Smartphones Under 5000 TL 

  • Samsung Galaxy A02S (64GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy A03 (64GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy M13 (128GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy M12 (128GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy A13 (64GB)
  • TCL 10L (64GB)
  • TCL 20L Plus (256GB)
  • General Mobile Gm 21 Pro (128GB)
  • Reeder P13 Blue Max Pro (256GB)
  • Reeder S19 Max Pro (256GB)