New Development on Future Content After GTA 6 Release

Ever since Rockstar Games confirmed it’s working on GTA 6 earlier this year, we’ve gotten a bag of information from different sources. For example, a recent Bloomberg report claimed that GTA 6 will have a female lead and Rockstar has been working on it since 2014. Today, it is said that Rockstar will bring DLCs to GTA 6 after the game’s release , which seems like a move contrary to what it did in GTA 5.

Recently, there were also allegations that Rockstar would go to grow in GTA 6. In this claim, it was stated that instead of just one city and two heroes, GTA 6 will have four heroes with three cities.

New Development on Future Content After GTA 6 Release

GTA 6 Might Get City or Island Expansions

Now Tez2 is reporting that Rockstar has a solid post-launch content roadmap for GTA 6. The message that Tez2 wrote in GTAForums is as follows:

“The first wave of “new cities and missions” that we will receive as DLC will definitely be planned before the release of GTA 6, and Rockstar will be able to devote all its resources to this after GTA 6 is released. As for the new cities, I think we will mostly get new cities or islands. Cayo Perico or Northern Yankon style That way, Rockstar can deliver a new heist for the new GTA Online mode with every new DLC.”

Everything we’ve heard about GTA 6 implies that Rockstar has yet to finalize its plans for the game . All leaks and rumors may be true at some point, of course, but obviously the studies are still not finalized. The good news is that Rockstar’s latest recruiting edition and statement about Red Dead Online confirms its heavy focus on GTA 6 .