Modern Warfare 2 early access campaign announced

Activision has announced a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 early access campaign. Players who make good use of the pre-order opportunity will be able to get the last game of the series much earlier with early access. If you want to play the story mode before everyone else, do not miss this opportunity. A week’s worth of early access for story mode is a long time.

If you pre-order Modern Warfare 2, you’ll be one step ahead.

As a first for the series, the company announced Modern Warfare 2 early access to players. Fans who pre-order the digital version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will get access to the story mode a week early. Players who pre-order from October 20 will start playing the story mode ahead of the launch on October 28. Fans of the series will not miss this opportunity if they want to do their Asia, Europe and America missions with Task Force 141 before anyone else.

Modern Warfare 2 early access campaign announced

Activision has never offered early access to players in the history of Call of Duty. Maybe he took such a step to solve the launch problem that has been complicated for a long time and to win the hearts of the players. With early access to the story mode, players will not be faced with the dilemma of story or multiplayer modes on launch day as they will be playing the Modern Warfare 2 story. Because they will have a huge week ahead of them to finish the story.

That said, fans will have plenty of time to warm up their hands on the multiplayer mode before the game is released. If PlayStation players pre-ordered any version of the game on September 16,to the first beta testthey can attend. The second beta test will be for PC and Xbox users and will start on September 22.