Minister Announced: Turkey Will Produce Chips

While the global chip crisis continues in the past two years, most of the major countries, worried that the problem may grow, have started to invest in chips . Recently, US President Joe Biden approved the $ 280 billion chip law. An attack in the chip industry is coming from our country. Trade Minister Mehmet Muş announced that a special land was reserved for chip production in Ankara .

Stating that Turkey should invest in the chip industry, Mehmet Muş said that we should be one of the countries that meet the chip supply that may increase in the future.

Minister Announced: Turkey Will Produce Chips

“Değirmen Dönmez With Continuous Transport Water”

The fact that the slowdown in chip production has greatly affected other sectors has been bitterly learned by the whole world in the last two years. As the TSMC factory in Taiwan was affected by natural disasters, chip production in the world decreased and all sectors related to technology, especially the automotive sector, were greatly affected. Reminding the past two years, Minister Mehmet Muş emphasized the importance of independence in chip production and said, “Turkey wants to get involved in this business. I think we should get involved. Because the mill will not turn with continuous transport water. The future will become even more technological and digital. Of course, the supply for chips will also increase. In this sense, we, as Turkey, want to be a productive power.” said.

Mehmet Muş, who also gave information about the investments and preparations made, said that a special land in Ankara was reserved for chip production. Stating that the need for water in chip production is of great importance, the minister stated that they have created a special plan for this.