Microsoft Wants to Use Hydrogen in Data Centers

Microsoft has produced generators with zero carbon emissions that use hydrogen as fuel, instead of diesel-fueled generators used in data centers against power outages.

Sean James , Microsoft’s data center research director , described the news he published on his blog as a “moon landing” for the data center industry .

Microsoft Wants to Use Hydrogen in Data Centers

Carbon Emissions of Data Centers Will Decrease!

Data centers, which store the world’s information, often resort to generators using fossil fuels in case of possible power outages, even if they run on electricity. Due to this situation, high carbon dioxide emissions are realized. Data centers, which are currently responsible for 1% of the total electricity consumption in the world, alone cause 0.3% of the total carbon dioxide emissions.  

Seeing this situation as a threat to the future of our planet, Microsoft started working on a hydrogen generator to be used in data centers. Generators working by burning hydrogen can produce 3 Megawatts of electricity alone, which can meet the needs of 1800 houses . This energy is seen as sufficient to ensure that a data center can be maintained against possible power outages. 

Microsoft, one of the companies that promised to be carbon negative by 2030, has started working to use hydrogen generators in all the data centers it is connected to. Emphasizing the potential of hydrogen, Sean James said, “When many people think of renewable energy, wind turbines or solar panels come to mind first. But nobody talks about the potential of hydrogen. I am excited to work on an idea that can make a difference in the world, such as hydrogen fuel technology. Hydrogen is the game of the game in the energy sector. It has the potential to change the rules.”  said.