Meta Opens Its First Cafe in Turkey

An agreement has been reached with Datça Municipality for the establishment of a cafe called Meta Cafe , with Meta , the umbrella company of Instagram and Facebook , in order to raise the awareness of senior social media users about digital media .

As part of the project to be carried out in Turkey for the first time in the world after the United Kingdom, what should be done when faced with the dangers of spreading false information and false information, and the dangers of spreading false information to senior social media users at Meta Café to be established in Datça Harbor on August 18-25 ? Free training will be given on what to do .

While older social media users will be able to access free tea and coffee in this cafe, they will also be informed about digital media literacy by the instructors.

Meta Opens Its First Cafe in Turkey

Meta Increases Focus on Digital Literacy Projects

This Meta Cafe, implemented jointly by Meta and Datça Municipality, is also a part of the digital media literacy program implemented by Meta with MediaWise and Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communication  . The resulting program aims to provide users with the skills to more consciously identify and consume online content, disclose types of false information, apply verification techniques, and discuss false information with friends and family.

Participants are expected to learn about various topics such as the dangers of false information, the indicators by which they can distinguish online bad actors, verification and how algorithms work .