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Mafia 3 Review

Mafia 3 Review
Mafia 3 Review

Is Mafia 3 in the open world genre as successful as the previous game in the series? With the Mafia 3 review , we will answer the questions about the third game of the popular series of the game world. You can learn about the open world game by browsing the article we prepared. 

We first met the Mafia series in 2002. Although computer games were not very technologically capable at that time, Mafia managed to go beyond the usual game standards and created an open world with its own atmosphere.


Mafia’s greatest strengths were its film-quality story and gripping storytelling. So much so that I can say that I want to go back to those days to be able to play the first Mafia game and experience the same excitement and fun all over again.

Mafia 2, the sequel to the series, was released 8 years after the first game in 2010, after a very long time. But it was worth the wait, and Mafia 2 both technically offered us high-quality content and successfully inherited the legacy of the series in terms of script.

So, how does Mafia III continue this legendary legacy after the first two games in the series? Honestly, Mafia III’s job was really tough; because the games that came before it were among the best productions in the game world.

Mafia 3 Review

There is another factor that makes Maifa III’s job difficult; it is also shown as a competitor to GTA 5. As it is known, GTA 5 is a game that broke the records of the game world, and it is also a production that has taken over the legacy of the series very successfully and carried it forward.

We will start our Mafia 3 review article by first talking about the story of the game, then we will examine the atmosphere of the game, touch on the gameplay dynamics and evaluate the game from a technical point of view. Thus, by examining our article, you can have information about the production in question.

The PC version of Mafia 3 came with 30 FPS lock. A day after the game’s release, the patch that removed the FPS lock was released. So, what does the open world video game offer?

Mafia 3 Graphics

Graphics are of great importance to most players. The open world video game falls short of expectations in terms of graphics. Optimization is also not in good shape, unfortunately. This game performs in terms of graphics, which is definitely not worthy of the Mafia series.


The previous game of the Mafia series, one of the most popular series in the game world, reflected the atmosphere of that period very successfully and had quality graphics. Of course, the first game was also quite successful compared to the time it was released.

Mafia 3 Gameplay

Unfortunately, Mafia 3 is below expectations in terms of gameplay. The animations of the game developed by Hangar 13 are also in poor condition. This negatively affects the gameplay. Although the game starts well at the beginning, the missions are repeated after a while. Frequent repetitive tasks can get boring after a while.

Another downside of the game is that it doesn’t have a living city. Since Mafia III is an open-world production, players can travel around the city without a mission, but unfortunately, interaction in the city is limited.

Although the feeling of hitting in the game is good, the issues we mentioned above affect the gameplay of the game in a significant negative way. On the other hand, car driving is also below expectation. The previous game in the series had better driving dynamics.

Mafia 3 Story

In the game set in 1968, we control the character named Lincoln Clay. Clay returns to his home in New Bordeaus after taking part in the war in Vietnam. Clay, who has a criminal past, gets involved in mafia affairs. Clay sets out to take revenge on the Italian mafia.


The game has a successful story, but the factors we mentioned above, unfortunately, prevent a good game experience. If elements such as the gameplay system and optimization had been worked on a little more, Mafia III could have been a very successful production, just like the previous games in the series.

Reasons such as unsuccessful gameplay mechanics, bad animations, optimization problems and frequent repetitions of tasks directly affect the enjoyment of the game. The demo of the video game Mafia III is currently available on Steam. Before you buy the game, you can download the demo and say it.


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