Long-Awaited Feature Returns with iOS 16

When notched screens were released, the battery percentage that was removed was long wanted to be brought back. Finally, responding to requests, Apple will bring back the battery percentage with iOS 16 .

Due to the lack of space in the notch design, the charge percentage right next to the charge was removed. It was replaced by the WiFi connection icon. User complaints were finally answered. With a new design, the charge percentage will be included in the charge icon.

Long-Awaited Feature Returns with iOS 16

New Coming Features with iOS 16

  • Adding gallery and widget for lock screen
  • iCloud shared photo library support
  • Editing and canceling messages
  • Mail app improvements
  • Safari Turkish language support
  • Password-free access to various accounts with Passkeys
  • Siri improvements
  • Keyboard autocomplete expansion
  • Apple Pay shared account and general app update

Apple is expected to release iOS16 in September after announcing the iPhone 14 . There are still unshared changes in iOS 16, which is currently in beta. Charge percentage display is one of them. It is worth noting that this update is only available for the beta version and can be removed from the update with the release of the full version of iOS 16.