KPSS Review Statement from the President of DDK!

A very important claim was made regarding some of the questions in the undergraduate KPSS exam. Thereupon, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan instructed the State Supervisory Board to examine the questions. State Audit Board (DDK) Chairman Yunus Arıncı made a KPSS review statement .

The undergraduate KPSS exam held on July 31, 2022 came to the fore with a huge scandal. Many social media users claimed that the questions in the exam were exactly the same as those of the publishing house Yediiklim. The claim was supported by visuals.

It was quite remarkable that some of the questions and choices were the same in the shared images. After this big scandal, ÖSYM made a statement on its official Twitter account, but this statement did not convince many people.

In the statement made by ÖSYM , “The allegations made on social media platforms that some of the exam questions are the same as the test exam questions of a publishing house have been found to be unfounded as a result of our investigations. It is announced with respect to the public.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a very important decision after the statement made by ÖSYM. President Erdoğan made the following statements on his official Twitter account:

“The data obtained as a result of the examination of our State Supervisory Board regarding the 2022 KPSS will be meticulously evaluated, the necessary steps will be taken immediately. We will never allow even a single child to be a victim.”

KPSS Inspection Statement Received from the President of the State Supervisory Board

According to the information shared by journalist Adem Metan, Chairman of the State Supervisory Board Yunus Arıncı made a statement regarding the KPSS exam. Arıncı stated that they saw the existence of a problematic situation in their first impressions, that they would quickly complete the investigation to enlighten the public and the picture would become clear.

ÖSYM President Dismissed

With a decision published in the Official Gazette last night, OSYM President Prof. Dr. Halis Aygun was dismissed. In the decision published in the Official Gazette , the words “The Head of the Measurement, Selection and Placement Center Prof. Dr. Halis Aygün has been dismissed pursuant to Article 2 of the Presidential Decree No. 3”.