Keanu Reeves Starring Constantine Returns to the Big Screen

Keanu Reeves , one of the most famous actors of the 2000s, managed to continue his debut with the Matrix with many popular films. One of them was the movie Constantine , which attracted attention with its original story. In the movie adapted from the DC Comics universe, we were guests of the story of a man fighting demons. Although it did not achieve great success in its first year, the future of Constantine’s sequel, which later turned into an iconic movie for many horror fans, has recently emerged.

Warner Bros. Produced by Constantine, the sequel will also feature famous actor Keanu Reeves . Francis Lawrence , whom we know from films such as The Hunger Games, I Am Legend and Mind Games, will sit in the director’s chair.

Keanu Reeves Starring Constantine Returns to the Big Screen

Demons, Shut The Gates Of Hell Well Because Constantine Is Coming!

The character of John Constantine , who first appeared in Hellblazer comics , has since been included as a side character in many comic book series. Basically a demonologist , John Constantine is known for his ability to travel to and from hell with ease and to fight demons. A similar subject was discussed in the cult horror movie made 17 years ago.

Although rumors about Constantine 2 have been going on since 2020, it was not clear. Now we can say that Constantine 2 has arrived for sure and is prepared for the year 2025 . Keanu Reeves, who has been busy with projects such as John Wick, The Matrix and Cyberpunk 2077 in recent years and has started to shine again, is expected to continue his debut with Constantine 2 .